Kevin Spacey and other creeps


I always heard that one from the other side.

There was something about her I just couldn’t stand. I always thought her starring roles were just due to his patronage.


She was a horrible person as much as he was.


Perhaps there’s a link here to a broader societal and cultural problem in the objectification of women for profit (in which many women happily play a part)? Commentators don’t seem to be addressing the elephant in the room.


■■■ to think I’ve been missing this quality entertainment …


In my line of work, the ratio is about 80:1, female.


Ah…so you’re a prostitute? or just an ecdysiast?


Don’t ask, don’t tell.


The police forces are very very bad. For those who aren’t aware:

References the issues in the AFP:

Similar review done for the military and their response:

And in Victoria:

I’m not sure how widely these were discussed at the time or not.

Out of curiosity, either then or now did you report him? Is he still working in the police?


Doyle was the most detested teacher at Scotch and the Libs lost a few old Scotch votes when he was the Vic Libs leader.


I did not report him. It would have ended my career at the time and nothing would have happened to him. Now I would have told him to go ■■■■ himself in front of everyone. Again little point reporting him nothing would happen. He has since retired.

I did complain about something more serious later in my career. It effectively ended it. I was a lame duck. But it was the right thing to do.


Maybe it’s not too late to track the arsehol down and tell him now?


Doyle is a classic example of why developers shouldn’t be allowed to make political donations.

He should also take the coat-hanger out of his suit jackets before he puts them on.


The Public Service does a good job of protecting the brand by confidential settlements. Departments should be made to include statistics of complaints and settlements in their Annual Reports.
The Sex Discrimination Commissioner recently said that the confidential clauses in settlements are part of the problem , as individual complainants are isolated by such arrangements and have little support.


Not surprising, but really sad. And people wonder why women don’t report these things.

With the recent reviews in Victoria, AFP and ADF, there have been some compensation schemes for people who got treatment like you are referring to. I don’t know if NSW had/has, or will have the same, but its definitely worth considering. The impacts of reporting on careers is definitely one element that has been brought up in those reviews and compensation is available for (I think) all three by now (I know Victoria was planning on introducing one but I don’t know if its live yet).


I know quite a few who were “compensated.” More like silenced, as they were told to keep quiet and the people were allowed to carry on. In my case, i witnessed terrible behaviour and decided I needed to say something. Once I committed to making the complaint, I had 3 other people put their names to the complaint. Found out that 23 people had left the area in 18 months because of one person.

Although an unpleasant experience, it was handled professionally and fair and the outcome was good.

The problem for my career was that I made the complaint in the first place. This was in 2011, so I hope things have improved and that people can make a stand against harassment without fear of losing their job/promotion opportunities.


Pray for IT?


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Robert Doyle only has females on his staff.


You mean that offensive tie?


The compensation I was talking about is from the reviews that have come quite recently, and the redress schemes that have come on the back of those. As I said, not sure it has happened for NSW yet, but a lot of the other states have realised just how bad things were, both from the direct sexual harassment and the career restrictions that came from reporting it. If you ever are tempted, there is now a LOT of case law, specifically in the police area, which could be used to support making a claim.

Its not right what they did to whistleblower’s careers, whether it was sexual harassment or other forms of corruption.