Kevin Spacey and other creeps


why are you concerned with what I’m doing?

A little strange.


I.T. has 2 more posts in this thread than him. What’s your point?


Not fondled but MAULED!

MAULED I tells ya!


Without prejudice to other claims, if Lette told me the sky was blue I’d go outside to check.


She knows her blues…Puberty Blues anyway. I don’t mind her.


Her claim sounds like her usual bullshit pun/anecdote.
Which I seriously reckon it is.

If you reckon she kneed one of an all-male panel who might approve her movie in the jatz then I have a bridge to sell you.


Reminds you of that Python sketch, where one of the intellectuals, say G Bernard Shaw, says “I wish I’d said that”, and Oscar Wilde responds with “you will, Shaw, you will”.

You’d think of it three hours later, and go “D’oh!”


You must be invested if you are counting posts in this thread - We could all trawl the net to find an article about a topic, and easily post maybe 5 or 10 links which doesn’t necessarily add to the discussion - Anyway the most interesting article in the last 2 days is the alleged Robert Doyle sexual assault/harassment case - What it shows is despite the media firestorm around this issue, it will take a long time to stop this behaviour or make a big dent into this type of behaviour.


You’ve got 37 yaco. There’s a count list at the top of the thread btw.

And you must be pretty invested in this thread if you care about others being so invested in it.


LOL. I’m pretty invested in and support the exposing of sexual molesters and serial sexual harassers and ■■■■ you if you don’t like it.




Will you PLEASE stop changing your avatar!!!

(i care)


What have you got against Kang-Ho Song?


Wanker owes me thirty bucks.


Good luck getting it back.

He lives in South Korea.


Well at least someone has picked it up:

I don’t think the article gets even halfway there though. Numerous of the recently alleged incidents predate contemporary social media and reality TV. The author even notes this, but then goes on to focus on these two relatively recent phenomena. Never mind the ■■■■, glamour, fashion, sex, advertising, trad TV & cinema industries that have been around for much, much longer and are among our modern/post-modern cultural foundations. Now, I’ve got nothing against any of those industries per se, but surely we need to understand the broader context if we really want the level of change that’s suggested by many. Or is the name and shame strategy enough?


If you google ‘creepy Joe Biden’ videos you’ll start to get an idea of how much sleaze people can get away with, in plain sight. And not even the parents appear to be able to protect their kids from it.




Human contact is now forbidden. Procreating requires the use of this cup.


No, it just requires discretion, respect and consent.