Knickers Dropped. Training Sat 30/5/20

So who did their hammy?

Hahaha. Might have been a risky strategy in 2020.


Stringer or Sheil imo

Stringer for sure, he’s a walking injury.

Connor was not ayt training.

Mutch was on the sidelines in a white vest.

Tiffany is much the same as ever - she made me say Knickers down. We’re writing Australia’s biggest comic - 450 pages so far.


Who the F-CK is Norman?

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Do you mean Alice? :thinking:


Would you believe I just mentioned that very song a minute ago to someone!

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The most disturbing part is Knights is back.

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Heppel dislocated finger on 9 news from Dan Richardson

No mention of hamstring injury

Is it true that Bruce looks like stone cold Steve Austins twin?

There are a number of us that catch up at training and chat about the team, all things Essesndon and a variety of other subjects.

Norm, Bruce and myself are there for most major training sessions and are joined by other Blitzers at various times including @jackie_mihocek, @MattPocock18, and @Deckham.

We also occasionally have club officials and Cal Twomey join us for some or all of the session, although they are now mostly on the other side of the fence during the restrictions.

If anyone wants to pop down sometime and join in a robust discussion anyone is welcome to join us.

Thanks for the report @jackie_mihocek, it’s a pity you don’t write them more often, I always enjoy reading about your thoughts. You have a great poetic style that I can’t match.


I moved house a few months ago and while moving myself and my wife found my copy of “Jackie and Tiffany”. I had a few questions to answer about some of the illustrations


Thanks for the heart attack. Just heppell and his finger

or maybe

Daniher is screwed for the year and possibly did a hammy.

Don’t be so negative. It could be the same person with both injuries! That’d be some purposeful innovation.


Hahaha. I’m picturing Woosha with some sort of black magic/deal with the devil type thing. And every week Woosha has to choose a new injury for the club, and every week he gets out his little Dys doll and sticks a needle somewhere else.

And the rest of the team has the most golden run with injuries ever.

And obviously Jack Nicholson is the devil.


Al Pacino is the devil for me. Don’t think Nicholson has ever played the devil.


Witches of Eastwick?


Completely forgot about that film but can’t even remember if he played the devil in that one.