Lace up Essendon jumpers

Yeah Robbie Flower broke his finger tackling Michael Turner? Finger got caught.


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Not the only body part got caught by Turner.


Head in the window?!

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Already in touch with Vic Hill.
They look magnificent.

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Made of canvas and ability to tighten to your preference made them difficult for opponents to grad and tackle.

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At the end of 1987 these jumpers were banned.
Kevin Egan advised the staff that they weren’t allowed to use them, and that they should get rid of them.
There were a few different staff in the rooms, boot studders, trainers and property managers.
My dad was one of the property managers at the time.
The staff decided that rather than throw them in the rubbish, which was the suggestion, that they should hang on to them.
My best mate’s mum was a massive Vanda fan so Dad put his hand up for that one and gave it to her.
It hung on a coat hanger in a little Essendon shrine in their staircase for many years.
Eventually my mate got married and had a little bloke of his own.
The Vanda Lace-up was handed down as a keepsake for the newest little Bomber.
One day my mate got word his brother in law was dating Vanda’s cousin.
It was proposed that he should get Vanda to sign the lace-up.
A new Sharpie was sourced, and provided in a plastic bag with the lace-up and dispatched to Vanda’s family BBQ.
Vanda took one look at the lace-up and got all teary.
This is my premiership lace-up. I’ve been looking for this for years. This is mine.
So my mate didn’t even get his new Sharpie back, let alone the lace-up.
He did, however, get a jumper from the club shop which Vanda signed, and then got Matty Lloyd to sign.
He offered to get Reg Burgess but my mate declined the offer, preferring to just get the jumper


That was a superb update Mero. So glad to hear how much the sash meant to him.


This is the sample that I’ve been sent.
I’ll post more details soon re payment amount and bsb details.

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That is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

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Here are the details:

$210 in total (includes postage anywhere in Aus)

  • $100 deposit to order

  • $110 in mid-late Feb prior to delivery.

  • (add $15 for international postage - if you want it sent overseas.)

Forward enquiries to: [email protected]

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I reckon Rotten Ronnie wore one at times.

Nah…that was just his chest hair coming out through his jumper.

What a great card, Flying Dutchman about to solidly shepherd against our 80s rivals, the power of the team then was magnificent


Yep, Terry Wallace is oblivious to what’s going to hit him!

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Merv was what, 5’11? Big mitts.

I think this is Kenny Mansfield with an old lace up. A young Merv Neagle too.

Not sure if any other Blitzers ordered one but I just got text & email from Vic who’s doing these lace up jumpers
I had to decide between a Don Smallgoods sponsors patch or NUBRIK
Since I already have Don on my old early 70’s woollen Bombers jumper I went with Nubrik
Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out as he has a high attention to detail
For sentimental value alone cos I’m no hope of fitting into my first Bombers jumper from 45 years ago


Yeah same, Vic flicked me an email. I have one of the VFL/Nubrik jumpers so went with the Don Smallgoods. Below are the VFL/sponsor logos. They look really decent!


They’re going to look great, Don logo for my one.

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