Lachie Hansen


Going to the Pies on 5 year $800k a year deal


I was going to start this thread damn it.

Finally the chance to complete the 2006 staff trifecta.


Make it happen disco.


Pies actually need kpp badly. And Hansen plays both ends. Albeit he is ordinary.


so not right now.


Hansen? mmm…




I made that joke in the first response, five hours ago.


@theDJR would be another person who’s a hero. The posts he’s created over the years, I don’t really read them, but the fact that he’s making them, I respect that.


So we could have Leuenberger and Hansen? Maybe Gumbleton would be keen to return…

Let’s make a trade for Gibbs.

What’s Mitch Thorp doing these days


It was funnier when i said it.


Where’s the LIKE BUT GET NICKED button?!?


It’s the way you tell them.


Saw him play a couple of times in July. He was dropped and rightfully so. l strongly suspect this thread is an attempt to extract copious amounts of the amber fluid, and l don’t mean beer, l mean its by-product. Very suspect.


Why get Hansen, when we can get Jarrod Grant!