Last EFC game you attended

It seems very unlikely that we will be able to see games in the flesh this year so what was the last EFC game that you saw live, in person & in color?

I got to a VFL practice match at Princes Park Friday 28/2/20.

Bombers won!

Does this include games you saw on colour tv whilst still alive?


Round 21 last year. Bulldogs game. :nauseated_face:


Very nearly a year to the day since I went to an EFC game. Didn’t really need to be reminded of that, thanks

ANZAC Day 2018 :frowning:

Was looking forward to going to Round 1 this year until the world changed.

Hawthorn game last year. We were 6 goals up with a few minutes to go, and gave up 3 late goals…one an unbelievable charity free to Breust.

I can’t remember! :sleepy:

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Dockers game earlier this ye…oh wait…

Does the practice match against Melboune count?

If not it was against the Bulldogs last year. Does that count if I didn’t see us kick a goal as I arrived late and left early?


yes & no, that Bulldogs game doesn’t count

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  1. Ever since they have been Essington.

shitfest vs sydney at the g last year

clarke tapping the ball down to allir in the ruck all day

I went to the Geelong game at Colac, and very shortly before that the Geelong game at Colac.


We’ve all got some pretty sweet memories to hang onto. Great thread.

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Collingwood game in a corporate box. Lots of people love going to games in corporate boxes - I am not one of those people. No atmosphere, you have to be on your best behaviour - boring. I always last about a quarter before I ‘get some air’ and just wander around the standing room areas for the second quarter. No food or booze either. Shocker

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final in sydney

yuuuuupppppp same

i can’t remember if i went to see magpies in the last game, but i know i was at the bulldogs game :face_vomiting:


Since moving to WA, I don’t get to see many these days… my last game was the game vs FCFC in 2013 after we had been told we would be suspended from the finals by the Rsoles Vlad and Gill.

It looked like we were going to lose, but got up for the win in the last minutes.

I could not find the pic of David Myers at the end of the game so hope someone can find that.

My last game was also in 2013. Joe Dan’s first ever goals for the bombers, against Gold Coast under the roof. Think he got three. G Ablett Jr also played. I left for Thailand in March 2014 arriving the day before MH370 disappeared over the Gulf of Thailand. Haven’t flown since.

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Last year, round 17 against norf where tippa kicked the winner in the last few seconds