Last minute ideas for costume party

Go as Jack in The Shining. Really easy. Just put on jeans and a flannel, red jacket, grab an axe. Or, last Halloween I did it with a cardboard axe and a giant print out of when he sticks his face through the broken door, cutting out Jack’s face and placing mine in the hole.

Kaitlin Jenner.

Wear your normal clothes, and go as Anderson Williams. The guy who appeared in Law and Order season four in the three episodes about the murderer in the meat packing district with an abused child hood and who spent time at the Catholic School to get sorted out but descended into more madness.

No one will know you made it up.

Kaitlin Jenner.

Got that covered, too.

The Doug Anthony All Stars, collectively.


go as wimm?

10 dollar watch, 3 dollar cap gun. 7 dollar bow tie. Already had the suit.

There’s also Robin and Obi Wan in the background if you look closely enough.

Go as Ted bullpit off kingswood country. if most people pick it you need to find another party

Thanks for all the suggestions. Has been a good help.

I’ve gone with the dressing gown Jedi knight. Friend has a replica light saber, which makes it easy.

pics or it didn’t happen.

(Australian Halloween costume)


That is brilliant.

Wish I knew about this thread for my themed work function coming up. 80s theme…

I went to an 80’s theme 21st last year.

I went as Cyndi Lauper, hubby went as Brian Mannix.


B Mannix then or now?

Screw Collingwood.

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Were the Uncanny X-men there?

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Then as it was 80’s, yess.

Should have gone with the 2017 version. Oh my goodness…