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yep also

i’m a little flattered that they think i’m loaded enough to warrant the attention of financial institutions

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the pixel does a good job of filtering it. always interesting when i do have to debase myself by making a phone call and seeing 20+ detected spam calls.

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Scammers pushing every button at once


Any other Norton users getting marketing emails from them almost every bloody day?

I am and I don’t have a Norton subscription


I am, but only because I haven’t updated my CC details…and won’t. It’s a cricket computer I don’t use. Norton due to expire next month. ■■■■’em.

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What alternatives to Norton would posters recommend?

Tbh - nothing, you really don’t need one at all these days. Just enable Windows Defender, install tracker blocking extensions in your browser of choice and don’t download dodgy sht and you’re fine


So just then I receive a call from a mobile number and the recorded message says that my CommBank debit card has been used to purchase $1800 worth of Bitcoin.
Haven’t been with CommBank since the Dollarmites days about 40 years ago :rofl::rofl:


Is that the 07 number from Brisbane?

Mobile number
0404 969 972

Boy, you must have got some serious pocket money.


Friend in NY told me to delete any email from her with an invitation. She’s been hacked.

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I received an email this morning with the subject “Knock knock”.

Perhaps unwisely, I opened it.

It was a Jehovah’s Witness working from home.


ANU 2019 cyber hack was similar

The disturbing thing is that the mobile number you see may be a fake. I mean it may be the number of a real person, but the call very probably wasn’t made by that person.

Some years ago my phone rang at about 4 am and I answered it. The person on the other end of the call said that he had received a scam call, and the number of the caller displayed on his screen was my number. Needless to say, it wasn’t me who had called him, but someone who had been able to make it appear as though the call had come from my phone.

I called Telstra and they said this was called spoofing. I was really worried that they would say that I had to get a new number, which would have been a total pain, but I didn’t; Telstra were able to do something at their end to stop it happening to my number. I asked why they didn’t just prevent it happening for everyone, but didn’t get an answer. Anyway I kept my number and as far as I know it hasn’t been spoofed again. But it’s disturbing that it can happen at all.

Being able to spoof numbers is how scammers can appear to be from legit organizations, eg send texts to you that appear as though they’re coming from your bank. It gets really concerning when they harvest mobile numbers from linkedin\facebook and send texts pretending to be people you know.

Has anyone gotten the free exhaust fan call? Didn’t engage, but trying to workout the angle they were going on.

If it’s the exhaust to your bathroom, it’s a Vic Government initiative. They pay certain businesses to install them.

They’ll also request to install door seals.

It is totally free.
Same deal with replacing your old light globes with LED replacements.

Usually, if someone in your area gets them installed, they’ll do a door knock nearby.
I have had the odd phone call about the program though.