Laverde, Langford and Francis


Boekhorst is 24.


Details, details…




So potentially he will have a shorter AFL career. I am just saying we all loved farkcarlton taking him because it helped us. This far all 3 have had similar careers.


From my point Boekhorst should be further developed.

And it’s not that unusual to see guys yet to turn 21 show inconsistent form.

Langford and Laverde definitely need to make a big leap forward next year and Francis just needs to break into the seniors at some stage.

I am far from giving up on any of them just yet.


Mate seriously. Don’t try compare our boys to Blaine. Do you not think if our boys were at Carlton they would be playing EVERY GAME and rated. Then when you have considered that WHERE WHERE WHERE would Blaine even try to exist at Essendon NO WHERE. I am certain if Langers were to be playing ok and or being dicked around he eould have a number of suitors in fact a few would be asking the question right now. Lav will be fine a bout if confidence and he’s on his way


I don’t I agree with that.

He had reasonable midfield form in 2016 for a fwd/midfielder who was in his 2nd year, when he rotated through the centre in AFL games (ok, I realise we had suspended players).

But in a nutshell:

  • AFL is a big step up from VFL
  • his AFL form in '17 was not as good as Stewart or Laverde
  • and he lost his place in the team and couldn’t work back into the team

In my view as a forward with our set up he’s behind best 22 players in Stewart & Fantasia and behind players on periphery of best 22 in Laverde & Begley and just ahead of Francis.

As a big bodied mid he’s behind best 22 players in Heppell, Goddard, Watson (ret.) & Myers (although blitzers may argue my inclusion of Myers).

So assuming we keep the same structures next year his best opportunity seems be as a big bodied mid.


Not sure why you bothered writing all that out.

He IS a big bodied mid and he will start there round 1.

He’s been refining his game in the VFL all year in preperation for it.


His form in the AFL not as good as Laverde !!!

Stewart had a very average period , but was given the continued opportunities and hit some good form. Langers had a slow start , game against Adelaide was “fair” and two AFL games back were ok and then good. Langers was behind Jobe in part for other reasons other than form !!! and why compare him to fantasia anyway


Bc problem in my book is that we’ve got too many big bodied mids that are trucks.

Langford will need:

  • a huge tank or have to become a master extractor at clearances to be a 1st 22 mid
  • or improve his workrate and forwardcraft to be able to be picked as a fwd/mid

I hope he gets there.


Don’t worry about Langford.

He has class and will rise to the top.


I like your optimism but here’s a hypothetical, what if we recruit Stringer and Mitch Hallahan.

And Francis goes ahead of Langford as a forward and Heppell has a solid preseason leading to more on ball game time & Stringer + Hallahan have big preseasons - going ahead of Langers and Myers as big bodied mids.

Does Langford get games or just stay in the VFL as a back up.


I think you should change your username mate.


Hallahan? FFS, if he comes in and goes ahead of any of our youngsters, then those youngsters need to be delisted immediately.

Francis going ahead of Langford as a forward is possibly the most irrelevant hypothetical in history, because Langford will be playing midfield and Francis will be playing back. It’s like saying what if Hartley goes ahead of Daniher as a midfielder?


All I’m saying is that the club wouldn’t be looking to recruit similar types of players like Stringer (fwd/mid) and Kennedy & Hallahan (mid’s) if Langford, Laverde and Francis were developing at a rapid rate and cementing best 22 spots.

We just can’t friggin carry these guy’s that haven’t locked down a role in the team along with journey men such as Gleeson, Colyer and Myers along with Goddard, Howlett, Green next year and expect to improve our ladder position.

I’d certainly put any of these guys on the trade table



Langford finished 8th in the VFL best and fairest tonight. Good effort given he didn’t play as many games as those that finished above him.


Gosh! You get to read some crap in here.


Agreed. The wonderful thing about all ‘decisions’ on Blitz is that we are unaccountable for every one of them.


I agree with your post. I just don’t know why you’ve picked on the post you’ve quoted.

While the post has indeed picked a bit either side of the line, that’s not an outrageous list.


Mate, you need your head examined if you wanna trade Gleeson. Huge improvements this year and hes gonna be massive next year.