Laverde, Langford and Francis


If by next Season Redman can’t match Marty I’d be worried about his future too.

Do we have an AFL list or a VFL development squad.

And if Gleeson has hit his ceiling, yeah I’d consider trading him to give more opportunity to young players like Ridley for sure.


Redman would be a candidate for delisting if we didn’t have an unprecedented number of axe-worthy players and retirees this year. Gleeson was close to our best player in a final and is a best 22 fixture. Redman never got close to senior selection. There is a mile between the two of them. Also, Gleeson is an excellent intercept player, and we desperately need players who can cut-off opposition attacks.


I don’t know about that with ridley.

Has most of the same tools Gleeson has, and he’s a bit bigger. Could easily see him stepping in early, and staying in.

Still wouldn’t turf Gleek.


At least one will be gone in this trade period , My guess is Francis to Adelaide , for pick 17 they will lose Lever to Melbourne , he’s a perfect replacement , they will back themselves to get him right with such a strong group .


Blitz beware.

Trolls abound in these parts.


I feel the knocks on Gleeson for his strength are unfounded. Sure he looks skinny, but he’s deceptively strong.

Only one contest really sticks to mind where he got beaten, and that’s cause his arm was held.

He’s a strong boy, and his wippyness is a key strength.

Andrew Mackie never put on size. Dustin Fletcher never put on size.


Well Laverde2Langford if its not Francis its one of your little softies


Pssh none of the three of them are going anywhere. They are very important pieces to EFC.


If you want to continue the trend of the last 17 years they are , we need some mongrel . Sheedy always gave you a team with some mongrels in it . One who comes to mind is coaching in the grand final today.


There is some mongrel in Francis… i also see some private schoolboy psychosis in Langford. And then Laverde is the most ready to scrap of the three of them.

Nah I like em.


Why the ■■■■ would you offload Francis for pick 17? That’s idiotic.


One of the things I’m looking forward to most about 2018 is the club & coaches won’t have the opportunity to fill the midfield with tired, slow old guys.

Whether it’s Langford that steps in, McGrath pushing up or begley takijg a bigger role or whatever is secondary. It’s a move past the 2012-14 Hird side. Might well see a small step back in overall results. Which will be fine.


I agree.

Our hand was forced in a lot of ways this year with the returning players but I suspect now this will be put behind us and we will be choosing players on performance in certain roles.

The promotion of Skipworth to midfield coach for mine tells me that Woosha wants a fresh approach and fresh ideas.

With Skipworth having worked with the forwardline it also should assist with the connection between the two areas. Skippy implemented a style based on working for each other to create space with hard running/speed of ball movement and sacrificing for the team and I expect that he will take a similar approach with midfield.

As critical as trades and drafting are its this area of the ground that will have the biggest say on how good we are.


Sorry yes draft


Where was this guy all year :frowning:


if anyone in our selection committee thinks about putting lav in against geelong in a preseason game i’m gonna lose it.


This thread’s as good a place as any to note the “passing” of Blaine Boekhorst, delisted by FCFC today. From memory we planned to pick up Laverde at pick 17 but Jackets found out (or suspected) that the Scum were after The Langford with that pick so changed his selection to deny them. Scum then had Boekhorst and Laverde to choose from and went for Boekhorst.

All the best to Blaine for the future, but I couldn’t help but feel a little smug at the news. Now we just need The Langford and LAV to take the next step …


Your last sentence is the important part. We can’t be smug til these guys actually do something


Yep, he’s deceptively strong even though he cops a ‘don’t argue’ from a first year player every couple of weeks.


I’m all for getting our Smug back on.

That’s what made this club what it was.