Laverde, Langford and Francis


I would have thought winning is much more central to the club identity.


Yeah, we just haven’t done that for a long time.


I don’t see winning and smugness as mutially exclusive


What’s “winning”?


My recollection is that Boekherst wasn’t rated by anyone and 17 other clubs and their supporters thought WTF when Carlton picked him.


That’s 100% correct. They could have got him with a 3rd or 4th round but instead used a first round pick. That draft was a shocker for them.


Carlton have an attitude that if a player isn’t a number 1 draft pick then they are a sh*t player.


Even then…


Pretty sure even Fark Carltank thought WTF


Most farkcarlton supporters i know are generally just resigned to the fact that their club is crap. you will mention something they do and theyll say something along the lines of “i dont really care what they do anymore, theyre useless”. The few real diehards that i know still follow them seem more focused on Essendon “b-b-but theyre drug cheats!” rather than what their own club is doing. so i doubt they would even know who Boekherst is by this point.


Looking at the past 10 years of their drafting, they might be right.


2 of the 3 look set to explode, and 1 just had his best game at the level, 2019 the year they take control?


How’s Blaine Brockhurst travelling?

Oops, I forgot he’s been dumped.

Where is that famous anecdote about the Steve Silvagni facepalm?


To think Disco and his team pretty much absolutely nailed our 2013 and 2014 selections in such difficult circumstances is absolutely exciting and satisfying beyond on belief!


Think of it this way.

If the draft penalties didn’t happen would we have Zerrett and Fantasia?


We’d probably have Lobb and Bont instead of zach and Stewart (I’m saying we won’t trade in Stewart)


Yeah Bont. I forgot. He goes alright.

Amazing what jackets squeezed out of a pick 26 & 55. 2x 22 year Olds in your best 4 players.


Could have had Cripps/Crouch, Merrett, Brown and Fantasia