Laverde, Langford and Francis


Lav, definitely Lav.

Could become a decent HFF but Stewart looks much better already and Begley looks to have more potential.
Lacks the pace to apply pressure which means Greene, Raz and Tippa will always be ahead of him.

Doesn’t look to have the skillset below the knees for a mid. so Begley (on exposed form) looks ahead of him.

involving him in the trade for Stringer would be similar to a like for like trade (style wise, not skill wise)

Lang and Francis could become much better in the future and that would hurt if it was at another club, Lav I just don’t see where that improvement is going to come from.

All in all he is expendable and the options in the positions he could play are covered by guys the same age who are better at it than him


In some ways, the club has wasted 2 years of his development because they havent picked a position and settled him in. No doubt that he has to take responsibility for his commitment, but the club has flip flopped with making a decision on him. 2 seasons down, we are none the wiser as to his future role. That isn’t his fault.


just like they have franga, langford, hurley, carlisle, redman


Just for starters, he could kick 5 goals 1 behind, like he did in his first year with us, rather than the 1 goal 5 behinds he managed this year.

This kid has just not had an injury free run at it. We haven’t seen him anywhere near his best. You can argue that this is one guy we should not have seen play AFL this year, because he just didn’t have sufficient injury free time to get himself up for it.


Perhaps Josh Jenkins reminds us what can happen if you give the big fellas a few years to grow into the game


Hooker aint going back… come to terms dude.

And Hurley didn’t take time to put it together he showed it from the get go, in his 1st year he put the reigning premier to the sword kicking 4 last half goals (including one monster roost from outside 50) to lift us into the finals.


That if someone else promises them senior game time that you’re not giving them they’ll leave?


There is one way that could happen, and that would be if we somehow find a gun KPF to take his role, either from within, or without.

Cale would/will play wherever he is of most benefit to the team and give 100% regardless.


If franga starts really coming good next season both him and hooker will be swinging back and forward like crazy and the opposition will be sh1tting themselves.


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Bahaha… an evil thought; knowing Dodoro we’ll probably top up with some more KPP’s and unearth another Hooker instead of addressing the midfield.

More seriously maybe we don’t need a replacement and could go with a mosquito fleet midfield. That would surely help our mids.


Well we didn’t really have a choice as he wanted to be traded.


I remember at the time, after his first game, coming in here & Blitzers saying we shouldn’t have drafted him coz he’s too old & has too much puppy fat & he’ll never make it.


Yeah Blitz never liked Coleman


It’s not difficult to know what needs to happen for Essendon to become a competitive finalist from 2018 and beyond.
However…it’s not easy nor a given but the following players need to start to or return to believing in themselves and showing the associated on and off field assertiveness and leadership that is expected of “men” playing this great game - Hartley, Ambrose, Gleeson, Langford, Laverde, Francis, Redman, Stewart and Colyer.
Their body language during 2017 indicates at some level they don’t really believe that they’ve got what’s needed to regularly succeed in the heat of combat.


Body language?



It’s not “combat”.

It’s the entertainment industry.

(As agreed by Hooker in his podcast).


I reckon Gleeson has been outstanding.


Gleeson turned everything around after being dropped and then re-instated. Had a very good last 2/3 of the season.


I was sure this was going to be about being “favoured” by the AFL…

Sorry, carry on.