Laverde, Langford and Francis


Francis should be training alongside Ambrose and Hurley all pre season with a focus on one one defending. Focus his game on beating his man.

I think Laverde looks likely to make it as a wingmen/hff rather then a inside mid. Langford does have great vision and agilty in traffic. Just needs some urgency and to work on his tackling.

I also think Begley and Redman will play seniors next year. Beglt midfield/HFF rotation.
I think Redman will be the one that takes the step to the next level. He has struggled with OP in first two seasons but he has developed in the VFL and shown he can play forward and back.


I hadn’t heard this? Has this been made public?


I think I have read an almost identical post about 1000 times


Don’t see it - doesn’t have enough MONGREL in him for me. Doesn’t have a hunger for the contest…


Too laconic.


Whilst I agree, I think Langford could be more like the Pendelbury type of inside midfielder.
Pendles certainly doesn’t have mongrel about him and earlier in his career he was more of an outside midfielder. He developed into a smart inside midfielder that uses his footwork to find space outside of the contest.
I don’t think he’ll be as good as Pendles, but Langford will be his own version of him.
If Langford had the mongrel, then the Fyfe comparisons would be more warranted.


I’m finding the critique of Langford not being like Fyfe and more like Pendlebury a little puzzling…

In my opinion, Pendleburys body of work over the last 10 years is only second to Ablett as a midfielder.

Fyfe can not claim to have an individual or the team success that Pendlebury has achieved. He has been an amazing player.


I think you are taking it a little too literally.

I dont think people believe Landford is as good as Pendles just a playing style that is similar.


Yeh I know.

I just find it funny how that is seen as a weakness.


I find it strange that people keep challenging Langfords ability to be a bull when its clear that he’s not that type of player.


He has been on a restricted program to manage his groin issues this year.


I think Langford has been doing well at VFL level. Come 2018, he will get more opportunities at AFL level, and I would not be surprised if he is initially bullied off the ball or something. But that is just another step in learning what is required at the elite level. Intensity CAN be developed. If a player has a desire to win, but they keep finding themselves on the losing side of the contest, they will eventually get fed up and fight back.

Anyway…I sure hope Langford comes on, because I think he is the best prospect we have playing in the VFL.


Here’s what we do. Put langers in a hessian sack, tie it closed. Beat the sack with a variety of paddles and bats. Open up the sack, and standing there in front of him are lookalikes of 17 other captains, holding said paddles.that should get some aggression in him. Works for dogs


I won’t cop that Stewart should have done more.

He’s come in and kicked 30 odd goals after not even being in the starting 22 until approx. round 5.

Putting himself ahead of Langers and Laverde.

He also helped steer us into the finals with Hooker absent in the Brissy game.


The fact people here still pump langford and laverde when both have shown 0 at afl level says that our supporter base is beginning to accept the same level of mediocrity as the very players they overhype

the very essence of clutching at straws out of desperation because they can’t face the fact we have a bunch of wasted draft pick plodders on the list


I don’t think anyone here is pumping up their achievements, just their potential.


I’m excited by what Langford has to offer.

I attend most VFL games and I have seen a kid that is a good size transition from a half forward role to playing a midfield role and flourish.

I find that most people that comment on Langford and still going on the little exposed midfield form they saw at senior level.


To suggest they’ve shown 0 is also clearly wrong.


From their current form, I think a good outcome would now be - 1 of these guys turns out a good player, 1 a role player and the other fails. Toss of a coin who ends up where.


The sad fact of the matter, whether it be through injury, played out of position, learning new position, not good enough… whatever the reason… neither Langford or Laverde has a career that is distinguishable from Boekhorst’s.

Whether that changes in the future or not we don’t know. It that is the sad fact as it currently stands.