Leadership Group 2018 - Announced

Does anyone know when this is named?

Who would you like to see in ?

Who would you like to see removed?

This is the 2017 leadership group

Dyson Heppell – Captain (Age:25 in 2018), Cale Hooker – Vice-Captain (29), Zach Merrett – Vice-Captain (22), Jobe Watson (32), BJ (32), Michael Hurley (27), Joe Daniher (23)

Obviously Jobe comes out. I wouldn’t remove any of the other members and with one spot opening up I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to give a spot to either Fantasia or Walla.

Walla would be my choice - he sets an unbelievable example for the rest of playing group in terms of dedication to training, development, perseverance and just as important, his off field work in indigenous communities as well as the wider football community. On the field he gives absolutely everything he has to chase, tackle and apply immense pressure. After two seasons he is already an elite small forward of the competition and at 25 I think he would relish a leadership role.

Fantasia is quickly becoming one of our top line players, he trains hard and like Walla gives absolutely everything he’s got on the field, he is well liked by the entire playing group and at the age of 22 he has plenty of upside and development left in him. Perhaps still a year or two away.

McGrath will obviously become part of the leadership group sooner rather than later but I would personally give him another year of personal development before giving him the added pressure of leading the entire playing group. We have strong enough leaders already that we don’t need to rush his development.

Smith & Saad could also provide great leadership options next year if they have consistent years.

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Great post. I’d love it to be Walla and agree about not getting rid of any of the incumbents.
Possibly move Joe to VC instead of Hooker?

Personally, I would have Zaharakis in before Walla. Walla comes across as too softly spoken. Great leadership via actions, but I think you need to speak up too.

Next year, I have a feeling Smith will be in. It’s all based on player votes, isn’t it?


Take out Jobe… leave the rest as it is.

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I tend to disagree. Actions speak much louder than words. Not every member of the group needs to be an extroverted public speaker. Who would you rather follow into battle on a footy field, Zaka or Walla? I know who I’m following.

And yes I believe it is decided via player vote but you need to nominate yourself to be eligible for inclusion.

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He’s got Hartley’s vote.


Having met Tippa, its also my perception that he is a polite, softly spoken, and modest man. In fact he is far more assertive on the field physically and demonstrates passion and commitment. But I have no way of knowing whether he is a leader. Its up to the players,

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Well you don’t really have to be in the leadership group to inspire your teammates with actions

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No, but to be acknowledged by your peers with a leadership position because of your actions inherently sets the requirements for the rest of the group…that’s the point of the leadership group.

For the record, Hurley is also a very quiet and softly spoken person.

Someone said it in another thread (may be incoming in the Collingwood thread)
VC x 2
Couple others (an experienced player and an up and comer)
That’s it!

Hurley says hi

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I’d swap out Watson (retired) for Goddard. His leadership whilst demanding has been and will continue to be invaluable and formally acknowledges that.

Raz is another good choice.

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Goddard is already in the leadership group.

Does the leadership group even matter any more?

Lets face it, Hepp, Zach, JD, Hurls and Cale need to lead from the front on field and that’s all you need. If these guys maintain their high standards on and off field then we’re set. Andy McGrath can join this group as well.

Was going off this list in the OP which didn’t have him listed.


Put in everyone except for Dea and McKernan


My mistake, Raz has my vote.

As for anyone saying Zaharakis he’s had plenty of opportunity to cement his place in the leadership group but hasn’t been able to stay in. Time for new blood.

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Jobe stays in it forever!

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Would be great to have two in each part of the ground.
Gleeson is my pick, I think he’s going to really get going this year. Second choice would be Hartley, probably a little premature though.
Heppell + Zerrett - Daniher + Hooker - Hurley + Gleeson (or stick with Goddard)