Leadership Group 2019


Hahaha, they’ll have to have a separate coin toss to see who does the speech.


Cant see that happening.


I’ve always wondered why he got ousted and was never considered ever again - bar 2016, when there was no choice but to get him in the group.


Hes had major dips in form over his career. id say that was the major reason. a lot of question marks on his physicality as well.


IIRC it was his own idea to drop out of the LG.


“Zaharakis was first added to the leadership group after his best and fairest winning season of 2011. He was pushed out for 2014, won back his place in 2015 and then lost it again for the initial 2016 leadership group.”

I don’t think he ever gave it up intentionally, I know he was very defensive about it when he was dropped out of it during 2014 and didn’t want to discuss why in an interview I saw IIRC.


TBC surely.

Maybe Daniher out so he can focus on his rehab more.


Well obviously it is to be confirmed considering it hasn’t been finalised yet…


That was my recollection too.


So if JoeDan goes out on the LTI, who comes in?


Zac Merrett was added to the Leadership group at a young age because his preparation, commitment to training, and all round professionalism was better than anyone at the club.

It sounds like Fantasia also followed this all round professionalism to his football.


Add Joe to that also.

When all three were added early it was because the three of them were pushing the training expectations through the roof.

Apparently the three wouldn’t leave each other’s sides.


Confirmed for 2019

No ins. Hooker and Hurley out.


Travis Head would’ve been a better fit.


Isn’t Chook VC?


Not any more


Sorry Mick and Chooka — but you just don’t give proper EFC team leadership. Keep your eyes on David and JoeD — you might learn something.

Yeah. Pig’s ding…


JD got that Covington College smirk down pad


Interesting that it leaves no defenders.
3 mids, 2 forwards.
Best 22’s will all require Myers.


Most improved!