Leadership Group 2023

Honestly this is a lot harder than it should be.

Captain: Merrett
Vice Captains: Langford & Laverde

I really don’t think McGrath should be in it. All this talk about how much of good leader he is, but he’s just not that good of a footballer at the minute, and should really focus on that.

Langford and Laverde are not walk up starts by any means into the leadership group, but I do think their position in the 22 is unquestioned and they both play the game in the right way, and can lead at either end.

I thought the early indications from Scott that the coaches would select the leaders and drive the onfield standards were very interesting and revealing


Historically, well at least during Woosha’s and Truck’s time at the club, the players voted on it, right?

Yes. Which is why Merrett lost his position, apparenyly his leadership style was too abrasive

Merrett captain
Redman vice captain

All you need. If they’re both injured, choose on form.


Captain: Hobbs
Vice Captain: Pick 4


I personally think EY should pick our leadership group


I’ve never liked the concept of players picking their leaders, particularly when culturally the club is weak, like we have been.

The fact Merrett wasn’t given the captaincy at the start of 2022 set us back IMO.


Co captians: Jack Bowes & Rhys Mathieson
Co VC: Pick 4 & Pick 7


Interesting choice to pick a Geelong player.

Make Merrett captain and let him choose his leadership group.

Anything but co-captains. They don’t work and it says that the decision makers can’t make decisions.

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Much as I don’t like to say it. I think Heppell needs to stay as captain whilst Scott gets to understand the leadership capabilities of the contenders. And it may not be Merrett or McGrath

Could change that opinion by the start of next season though :joy:

Captain: Merrett
Vice Captains: Redman and Draper.

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I was thinking

C: Paddy Dow
VC: Jack Bytel

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I was thinking

C: @wimmera1
VC: @Finding_Nino
DVC: Drunk @AnnStBomber. Not the sober one.


Dont think we need a leadership group captain and vic captain is all you need

Leadership groups cause a divide in the team imo

2 people can be a group

Dave Barham to choose.

My best playing days are well behind me, I was never that good, and I’m only decent for an advisory role every other day.

Having said that, the days on are pretty…pretty good.
Could do worse.

Edit: you’ll need to put @theDJR on to say it’s time for Wim to go night-night now.

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