Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


Has Morgan met the North Melbourne member yet?


He has to pay his money to the membership department first…then they will give him the mirror.


Or in cash


North contracts say they promise to owe the player. Everyone else says pay.


Probably win Norf’s B&F.


Don’t exaggerate! Top ten finish only.


Clearly will be named shinboner of the century


You’re assuming Norf will still exist by the end of this century / decade.
They’ve had their one and only shot at naming such a team.


“Congratulations Alex Morgan! Winner of the Shinboner of the uncertain future award!”


Hope he read the fine print especially the bit where it says he is on rotation to take the club guernseys home and wash them


Hope he got a fuel card thrown into the deal for those long interstate road trips.


The answer to all Norf’s woes and a way to move them up the ladder - Alex Morgan.


Have you ever seen a training session ever that ignored defense? Can you imagine a coach being happy with a list manager that placed absolutely no credence in defense?
Particularly in the last two grand finals we’ve seen, all about the rushing scrapping defense.

Ignoring pace and tank and absolutely everything defensive is, to be frank, a childish suggestion.


Nothing wrong with my post. Explaining how some players are left in limbo until the end of trade period. Some are lucky like Morgan. Its hardly condescending.


Matthew Knights


Ha. We’ve cracked your identity @ivan


I’ve have no idea what you are talking about. We’re did I say ignore defense


Only All Australian backmen Michael Hurley, Michael Hibberd and Sam Docherty averaged more rebound 50s than Mullett in 2017, and he was second at North with 14 running bounces.

former Bomber Alex Morgan set to replace Mullett across half-back.

Yeah good luck with that norf


You said you’d only look for guys with clean skills under pressure and ignore pace height and everything else.
Am I taking you too literally?


Yes, that was a response to something else. Further i mentioned kps etc