Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


You don’t trade for players like Morgan.

We got Stewart for pick 77 and being a tall his value should have been higher.

Sometimes you just let players go for better opportunities.


If we liked it then we should have put a ring on it.


Can’t argue with his decision. Good luck to him


I wonder if they’ll quickly grab another young no-name to replace Swallow now he’s retired.

Was GC ever interested in him?


The guy was a list clogger imo we passed up Mathieson and Riley Bonner for this guy.

Good luck to the guy i say.


21 year old list clogger?

I think we’ve got different perspectives of a list clogger.


“…so I had to jump at it with both hands.”
Hmmm, is that to protect the dodgy hammies?
Wonder if he’ll seek permission to do his rehab back with us when the hammies inevitably ping again, rather than waiting for some tin-rattler volunteer to tape some frozen peas to his leg!


Can they afford the peas?

Honestly the kid was like 5th in line before we got Saad


Already did in Ahern


I hear he suffers from Enochlophobia, also known as a fear of crowds.


Playing for Norf this weekend.


Would want to play very well indeed.


If you play for North and no one is there to see it did it really happen at all?


Good luck to him. Think it was the right call. Feel like flankers are the one position we have well covered.




I don’t know why, but I kinda want him to make it somehow.

The fact that he left football for a year to decide if he really wanted to join it resonates with my regrets of going to uni after highschool and giving sweet ■■■■ all about it and walking out with a degree I don’t want in a field I don’t want to be in.


Cool story bro


Johnrain dj thread style post.

[email protected] mushroom lover.


Have you guys ever worn a wetsuit to bed? I think it was mistake.


Good luck to him today.

I started to see glimpses of the talent late last year, and perhaps seeing Mcniece get a game you can’t help but think perhaps he would have got that opportunity with us.

I hate Nth and I guess we need them to lose but hopefully Alex can get a kick.