Legends game 2019

Yes its on
No theres no one there

Wanganeen, Scotty Cummings, Ryan Crowley and NLM the former dons playing.

Who looks the fattest?

Milne and Didak are playing?

■■■■■■■ scum



Nothing would please the late great EJ more than playing a 9 a side game in a rectangular soccer stadium


EJX Whitten

they should have moved our VFL match to Friday night and broad cast it


Well, you guys are watching it. I’m slowly closing my laptop…

Yep VFL broadcast game tonight and play this tomorrow afternoon in proper format at FCs ground or Whitten Oval.

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Its ethier this or what ever the ■■■■ they do on the living room.


Also, wasn’t this charity exposed as donating like zero dollars to any actual cause? Or am I imagining that

Yeah, however i think they have since cleaned up their act

Yes, on both counts.

Have they tied Gill to a post at one end and Steve to a post at the other?

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At least there’s more people than a Melbourne City home game.


What are their Supercoach scores at qtr time?

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Fevola, the IQ of a potato and probably the most annoying bloke taking the field.

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Jarman has the intelligence of a drowned sea otter

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I bet if they did a one-off Supercoach thing for like 2k, for this one game, they’d get a lot more interest.

(Not saying it’s a good or healthy thing, but… you know. Who are the ad wizards etc.)