Lesser Known Albums That Are Personal Favourites

I have Pearl Jam’s companion EP to Mirrorball, Merkinball. That’s a ripper. I got ID and Long road are both two of my favourites. They have a habit of releasing some of their best stuff outside of their records, Breath and State of Love and Trust are as good as anything on Ten or Vs.

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Great thread. Couldn’t stop at 5!!!

Frances the mute - the Mars Volta
Paul’s Boutique- the bestie boys
Run the Jewels #3
MGMT - Congratulations
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Xenophanes
John Frusciante - The Empyrean
Alice in Chains - Sap
Elliot Smith - either/or
Mushoney - every good boy deserves fudge
At the drive in - in casino out
Queens of the Stone Age - self titled
Wipers - over the edge
Desert session - 7/8
The Firing Line - Edges of Time
Lord Huron - strange tails
Paul McCartney - McCartney 3
Kingswood - microscopic wars
The war and treaty - down to the river
Mark Lanegan - bubblegum
Warumpi Band - big name, no blankets
PJ Harvey - I inside the old year dying
Yothu Yindi - tribal voice
Lana del Rey - ultraviolence
Public enemy - fear of a black planet

Slash’s Snakepit - Ain’t Life Grand
CW Stoneking - Jungle Blues

I’ll add to this as I think more about it. But they are the two which immediately spring to mind for me.

I almost put this one. Listened to it recently for the first time in years and it’s still ace. Many songs stand up to Relationship of Command.

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I love that album.

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I don’t think of this album as lesser known, but you’re probably right. Who doesn’t love a 17 minute track!

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“March 23rd hush the wind the music died, if they can’t get the best of us now it’s cause this is forever!!”

Cuts deep. Sad story, incredible vocal

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Every time I hear that beautiful acoustic intro kick into “the ocean floor is hidden from your viewing lens” it takes me to a place I just can’t describe. The power of music is unworldly

So many great tunes but “I found a whistle” is a fav in our house

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Siberian Breaks, for mine.

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Do love talkin lion blues, saw josh Teskey do a nice cover of it. He’s from the wrong century, CW.

I was going to add Home Invasion. My 13 yo daughter listens to Blackpink and finally worked out what the lyric “like Ice T I’m OG” after I played ‘Colours’ to her when “educating” her on the origins of gangster rap (whilst trying to avoid the swearing)

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Glen Thompson (not the western Victorian town) who plays drums in Custard and penned some of their best songs put out a lovely solo album titled Brighton Bothways under the name of Beachfield. They’re pop songs that could only come from someone influenced by the Go-Betweens.

Treeless Plain by the Triffids is a beauty and not their most well known.

Maybe this is more underrated than unknown, but Maladroit by Weezer is really good.

And all three of Vasco Era’s records ■■■■■■■ rule.

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This album cops a heap of crap which I’ve never quite understood. Sure, it doesn’t have a Say It Ain’t So on it, but nor does it have a steaming turd like Beverley Hills or We’re All On Drugs.

Obviously Blue and Pinkerton are head and shoulders above the rest of their catalogue, but I’d put Maladroit on the next level with Everything Will Be Alright and White

I reckon it’s clearly their third best record. The mix of heavy and melody is great. Would have Slave as an all time favourite song.

Haven’t listened to them repeatedly as I did back seeing them at the Lyric in Geelong in 96 a few days after Pinkerton was released. IMO White & Green are their best after Blue & Pink, then Maladroit but I get where you’re coming from

Me too - very different!


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Saw him a few times before he ended up opening for Paul Kelly.

Not behd.