Let’s just admit - we are not s h i t

I know we’re not great, but I’ve been waiting to do this for a while.


That’s my 2c


That oughtta hold us SOB’s.


Shiel, Merrett, McGrath…
Forward targets of Stringer, Daniher, Hooker, Stewart, Tippa…
It’s not rocket science.

We dominate centre clearances and we have that forward dominance and yet we still get outscored by six goals in the first half.

That’s coaching.
That’s game plan.
That’s garbage.

We have the cattle.
We’re just ■■■■■ about how we want to use them.

Edit: Also, GTFO with your back half rebound garbage and don’t let the door hit your ■■■■ on the way out.


We just beat a team who had already given up on making finals. 1st 10 minutes, maybe more because I had to be somewhere, and everyone on here were putting so much brown stuff on the team that they should have suffocated. We get a win and everything’s rosy.

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Hawks midfield is utter ■■■■ to be fair. Legit caca

We beat a bottom 4 team.

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Gamestyle was the same lol.

This isn’t about Hawthorn.
It’s about the absolute farking garbage we’ve been served up for the last five farking years.


We are ■■■■, I know no one wants to hear “but we played the 15th placed side” but we did.
Look, let’s enjoy the win because it’s been a long time but let’s not kid ourselves from tomorrow onwards, we are ■■■■. We have a mountain of work to do and despite what Woosha says, we won’t get good quickly (if at all)


You sir, are in the wrong thread.


Probably. Like I said, lets enjoy the win but from tomorrow, let’s not kid ourselves.


Oh meh meh meh…Hawthorn’s mids aren’t very good.

We took that second half game to Geelong, and we farking smashed them.

But ohhhhh, no.
Let’s go back to rebounding.

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You two must be great fun at parties

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Paper crack covering win IMO

Didn’t some podcast last year after the GWS come from behind win, make note of how every season we have a great win, followed up by horrendous losses? Until we string wins together, I’m far from convinced.

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Got WC is 4 days time, so it will still follow that same plan.

We needed an injection of Joey Daniher. ASADA send in the troops.

says the person pointing out they are no fun at parties ?

at parties do you just wander around and say, you’re no fun and move on.

I’ve never understand that line.
and yes i’m well aware i’m gonna cop the same line by multiple people now for saying it.


What parties? I’m in Melbourne.