Let’s just admit - we are sh*t

maybe Goldcoast or Gaints will have to force someone out? They might have some talented players not getting game time?

I also agree to the view that we rely on our best players to win us the games. Not any game plan or system.

When the best players are injured/suspended or out of form slightly, we struggle to beat even the ■■■■ teams.

Unlike Richmond, Brisbane etc, even St Kilda now (also previously under Lyon).

We don’t have a good system in place, or players are not learning it fast enough. With players getting injured, new players coming in, they are not sure about what to do.

No not necessarily now but what im saying is i saw something in him that majority of players dont have.

Im on the same page with you with adam saad and devon smith, shiel and zerret.

We need some fkn mongrel in the players


Still haven’t heard a peep from Xavier or Tanner.

fmd the guys at the top need to grow a set and tell the fans that what we served on Friday is not good enough.

Both gutless


Merrett was kicked out of the leadership group. he is absolved of any responsibility to “lead” this side.
The players picked and the coaches signed off on, shiel, smith, hurley and zaka.

any leadership void should be solely directed at them, and the people who put them in power.

out of those 4, shiel is the only one who’s shown actual leadership on field this year.


Club should make Shiel captain or Smith

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Ok, so tell me what he’s like as a senior coach? Yep…exactly unknown quantity.

Agree. Nothing against Dyson, but can’t have our captain continually on the sidelines. And he’s not an amazing captain anyway.

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Leading tackle count or otherwise, Smith’s lucky to still be in the side. Has been crap all year, and his selfish free kicks and faux aggression is anything but leadership.

Reasonably true, but every other club would have taken the 3 “S” for 2nd rounders.


This is the problem right here. You have a young guy like Merrett running around busting his gut game in and game out and he is replaced as a leader by the softest guy on the list, something really stinks. Yeah Merrett may be a bit shy or reserved and reluctant to stand in front of the boys and pull them up on things, but ■■■■ me when I played footy a leader was someone you looked up to and aspired to be. Not David Zaharakis.

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And then retract the statement a couple of days later :slight_smile:

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Deflating year. The club have sold supporters a lemon, yet again. Essendon are a very ordinary football team. Yes, injuries/suspension weaken any resolve the team “may” have BUT, failure to execute the most basic of skills, apply any sort of pressure or try something different in game is the thing that frustrates/ hurts the most. Year on year the same sh_t, the same excuses. Another nothing year. Pathetic


We are crap but i keep on saying it. You take the three-four most important players out of any side and they fall quite a lot.
We are a much better side with JoeDan, Heppell, Stringer, Hooker, Raz etc back.

Same game plan & skills failings as last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the… etc. etc. etc.


And our aspiring leader is also a midget

Yes, it’s an extremely disappointing repeat of the last X-number of years. We only flatter to deceive. The only thing to say is we are crippled with injuries and suspensions and seem to get the worst of the umpiring in most matches.
On the positive side, at least we’re ahead of both the Blues and the Pies on the ladder (for the moment, at least!) but with an abysmal percentage!

I just don’t understand why the group can’t implement a game plan. Why are they always learning or gelling? Why don’t they play for each other.

The Saints provide an interesting point of comparison at the moment.

Like us, they’ve traded in heavily, more heavily infact:

  • hannebury (cooked)
  • Ryder (cooked but playing decent footy ATM)
  • hill
  • Zac Jones
  • Howard
  • Butler
  • Kent
  • membrey
  • Carlisle
  • steele
  • Savage going back a bit further

Yet they are playing to a plan cohesively and with spirit and hunger. Ratten has made this happen in a very short period of time. Yet we are still “learning”.

We’re being sold a pup. Either the players are completely mentally cooked, in which case we should throw the baby out with the bath water, or the coaching group has no idea what they are doing.

I suspect it may actually be the former. It’s time to take the training wheels off and put all our chips on those under 28.


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