Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


Fkn Gloomers




David Myers just hoofed the lid into outer space.


TOLD YIZ ■■■■■!


So I just watched the replay and if we can improve 700%, I’m pretty sure we can win the lot.

Lid orf!


Hooker just blew the lid.





Just being stupid.

Hooker back i believe is that significant that we are tgat much a better side…stringer foward blah blah


We lost the unlosable match so that should mean we will win every game from now on.

Game plan will kick in and we will not lose a game for the rest of the season and next year as well.

Get onboard people!!!

Dynasties begin here …

Go Bombers


Makes sense.


Looks good to me!


Saying we’ll finish 15th on the ladder is the equivalent to a lid off statement right now. I think the only game I’m looking forward to for the rest of the year is the st kilda game, but even that is a 50/50 prospect


I still think Daniher, Stewart, McGrath, Merrett, Francis, Parish, McKenna will make for a quality side in 2-3 years.


Still mathematically possible to make finals.

I love maths!!!


Welcome back everyone.


we just had our Rock Lee moment


16-6 win loss should see us finish top this year.


$251:$1 for us to win the flag. Get on us. Go you good things.

So far this season we have kNeeled but for the rest of the year we will stand proud.


Somehow,it some way,i hope this is the REAL transition of the team.

Bring in the kids, get the place buzzing ffs.


Heres the thing.

Were 2-6

Before the bye we play Geelong, GWS, Richmond, Brisbane. Its a perfect time to be playing GWS. But if we do get some kind of pick up form the Neeld sacking and go 3-1 from those 4 games.

Our record is then 5-7 heading into the bye. If we didn’t have so many injuries I’d be semi hopeful.