Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


Top draft pick or scrape into the 8 and get thumped by port in the first week…

Just unloaded on essendon to make the top 8 @ 26.00


screw you all.

Essendon by 6 goals agwinst the cats.
A couple against the tigers
and an away win against the giants.

you read it here first.(***maybe last too)



Maybe start the 2019 version of this thread




Oh the 2020 one then?


Bumpedy bump


2 wins outside the 8.

Sounds easy?

Its not.


Just basking in the afterglow.

How long do you guys reckon this winning streak will last?


Might drop a game some time in 2028 when we’re transitioning generations.


you can call me nostrodamus.

now if only i punted on my predictions id be a rich man.


Oh look, this thread is still here.


If we beat the Giants this week we should make finals. :slight_smile:


It’s like that shirt in the wardrobe. You never pick it to wear, but you can’t throw it out… just in case.


Only because the shirt doesn’t fit anymore.


But it will, when I lose weight!


I’ve got a shirt that when I bought it I only needed to lose a couple of kgs for it to be perfect.

Only 7kgs to go.


Give it time

Next year it will 10kgs


the STREAK continues…


Just dipping my big toe into the water…


Will be 2 games off 5th spot after this weekend

Beat richmond next week and it’s on