Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


Gotta finish top 4, double chance and home finals


If we played finals and won one from here I’d be ecstatic. That’s lid off for me.

Top 4 win the flag is dkp drunk texting kinda stupid.



This thread is not for the toe dippers @jof062

Go all in. The water is warm


You all now know its happening.



Open my eyes and RISE LIKE YEAST


(is it pee? say it ain’t pee…)


I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to fkn mean, … but I can’t take it anymore.


Dough, on the other hand, … :smirk:


No, ya dough pays for HOT CHIPS




You had the games the wrong way around

Season over


Open my Yeast and r-eyes!

Up and about




Dunno if it’s lid off per se but I honestly think we will make finals from here. If we can pinch a game off the Tigers, could be ripe tomorrow night, it’ll go a long way to ensuring it. Nobody is more wary of our propensity to drop games we should win but looking ahead, we SHOULD beat Lions, Suns, Saints & Freo here. That gives us 8. We will need to beat th teams around us to have a shot, so beating hawks, pies, Port & Roos should get us there. Then we have Tigers x 2, Eagles & Swans. Walking a tightrope, maybe but the next five games will likely determine if we make it. If we do make it, we likely go in with some momentum, which IMO we didn’t have as we struggled pretty badly for last few matches. Must keep this momentum we have going for as long as possible but the signs are there that we’re figuring it out.


Can confirm, that is Lid Off. Source, I’m a happy clapper, apparentlyz


It’s gonna be dry, … it’s gonna be chilly, … and hopefully not too dewy, so it coud be a rapid fire shoot out.

IF we can get over the top of them, … in front of a massive home crowd, … the lid will be blasted out of a cannon into the Sun, … as it were.


Huge huge game. Not just coz we are playing premiers.

It’s 7 v 11 and 9 v 10 and 8 v 13.

So a win guarantees we make up ground on 3 teams aiming for the 8.


This game matters so much.

If we win it puts finals back on the table but also breaks the Tigers massive MCG winning streak it will be a statement. But even if we lose, so long as we don’t revert back to our early season form but fight it out and make them play to their absolute best to put us away it will go a long way towards putting confidence back in our team.


That would be due to all the crappy clappers pissing) in it.