Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late




Ok so that was disappointing. Really disappointing. I might be an optimist but I had us at 7-5 going into the break when I assessed our fixture pre season. If we win this weekend, we’re 5-7, 2 behind what I expected (had us losing to Freo, Melbourne, Geelong, GWS & Richmond). Obviously we have WC in Perth & NM directly after the bye and they’re huge matches for us but the following three are must wins. I still think we can beat Brisbane, NM, Collingwood, Freo & GC in the next seven weeks, we do that and we’re back in the hunt at 9-8. Not willing to write off the season yet but I wanna see some changes within the coaches box, starting with not allowing the opposition spate players in our forwardline.


Ever year there is a lid off thread, and every year it fails.
I look forward to the year where the lid actually comes off.


This weekends game will be a final tune up before we storm home in the back half of the season.

Finals still looking good.


Has there ever been a time in human history where so many posters have made so many boasts to get so few true?


Mods gurge please


Won 3 of last 4.

Mitch brown playing the Daicos role.

Signs are good…


Just another measure by which this thread is proven to be the GOAT.