Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late




Ok so that was disappointing. Really disappointing. I might be an optimist but I had us at 7-5 going into the break when I assessed our fixture pre season. If we win this weekend, we’re 5-7, 2 behind what I expected (had us losing to Freo, Melbourne, Geelong, GWS & Richmond). Obviously we have WC in Perth & NM directly after the bye and they’re huge matches for us but the following three are must wins. I still think we can beat Brisbane, NM, Collingwood, Freo & GC in the next seven weeks, we do that and we’re back in the hunt at 9-8. Not willing to write off the season yet but I wanna see some changes within the coaches box, starting with not allowing the opposition spate players in our forwardline.


Ever year there is a lid off thread, and every year it fails.
I look forward to the year where the lid actually comes off.


This weekends game will be a final tune up before we storm home in the back half of the season.

Finals still looking good.


Has there ever been a time in human history where so many posters have made so many boasts to get so few true?


Mods gurge please


Won 3 of last 4.

Mitch brown playing the Daicos role.

Signs are good…


Just another measure by which this thread is proven to be the GOAT.


just clean the place up a bit before everyone comes in for a look after the game tonight


They put up the next five teams we play… and I went, yeah, lock them in.


If we can win 4 of the next 5 again, we’re right back in the hunt


IF we were to scrape into the 8 I think we now have a gameplan that can win finals.

Our pressure is up with the best now and our midfield is starting to look classy where before it was one paced.


Apart from Richmond, the last 5 weeks have been impressive. Especially with a bits and pieces forward line.


The game plan has been in place. Now it’s getting executed more consistently. It will drop off again because we aren’t quite there yet.


The basic infrastructure has been there but what we are doing all around the ground has never been there.

Applying pressure is a gameplan and we have never done that.


We have, … at times.

The Game Plan has always been there, … and hasn’t changed, it;s just we’re executing it better after getting better at it after learning it and practicing it so we could learn it better and get better at it and then execute it better.

TLDNR?? … We’re executing it better now.


I reckon people confuse ‘game plan’ with ‘performance’ sometimes.


Also confuse standard moves, or tactics with “Game Plan” too.

Like putting one back etc etc. They are just Game DAY moves for a particular situation/match up, and come on top of, and are separate to, the “Plan”


Strange that people believe ‘gameplan’ is a static thing and isn’t modified from year to year or even month to month.

If you look through some articles from the recent Hawks era even they were changing from year to year to keep ahead of the game.

From the armchair it is a very complex game so I’m not sure how any single person on here can claim to know whats going on at there.

There has been significant changes this year to what we’ve done in the past and call it whatever you like but its starting to take shape.


Stop with the pressure, let them play and get to know each other. The first sign we’re playing better and everyone tries to make us into something we are NOT yet. But; its coming, we’ll get there in time.

Changing the team around, and some new young enthusiastic blood. Players must earn their spot no gifting anymore, big names included. If we want to be great again we have to do the hard stuff that helps it all fall into place. It doesn’t just happen. Hard work pays off in the end.