Lid Off 2024. Show the lid the door 🚪

what a tossa

The pies have even taken the lid off for us!!!


Genuinely nice that Heppell’s finally getting to play in an in form team with a clear recent injury history. Bloke deserves it and has been playing excellent footy of late. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


he has been great. super solid for us. very happy for him .


Buckley has consistently given pretty insightful commentary on where we’re at and how we’re playing since he retired from coaching.

I found two things he said interesting. He was praising the forward line for their ability to spread the Giants defensive 6, create pressure and score.

He also rates Ridley as our best player, so sees a huge upside when we get him back in the side.


Yeah he does for every team. Between him and brown i think they offer the best comments on the game on tv.

Also get the feeling brown enjoyed brad scotts company as a team mate too

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Only thing he’ll be remembered for is being the history’s best step ladder…FLOG.

Wasn’t our 2nd half draw rated the hardest out of everyone just 2 days ago?


It’s almost like, it’s just a matter of opinion…

I remember the 96 game. A typical Essington Sunday game against a lowly opponent where we only just snuck over the line. For some reason I used to think the players were hungover with those Sunday games.

oh boy. Ridley is playing this week. Super exciting. (Brad Scott’s presser from today saying he was a ‘good chance to play’)
Full lid off.

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Who is going to be the hero tonight?

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2nd if we can beat North. 2ND




Yes 2nd on the ladder here we come

He just said a week ago we won’t be playing finals make up your mind Brad!

We will win more than 13 games

Well now I have heard it all. The Suns win against Geelong is meaningless!
According to the Roar, Geelong had 3 big name players out. OK I accept that, but most sides have 2 or more key players out right now. Oh, and instead of their massive home ground (ground shape) advantage at the Cattery, they had to play at another clubs home ground. Didums. It happens to all sides, yeh? Heard of Gold Coast, Brisvegas, Perth .

Add to this the theory we heard from the flag favourites The Orange Blokes, they were actually way out of form, and had (secretly) been over performing for the first 9 games.

Excuses excuses excuses, but hey, Essendon has a few problems, we have been over performing. Now lets see, we have to beat the teams above us to prove how good we are.
So, if we end up 2nd on the ladder at the end of this round, all we have to do is beat Sydney, unless, of course, when we do, its because Sydney doesn’t have Buddy and the McCartins and Essendon have a massive home ground advantage. That being the case the game would be meaningless.
According to The Roar.


We’re honestly not playing well enough to be 2nd in a normal year but there’s no description column on the scorecard.


Our coaches may disagree. Their measurement is that so far this year “we have only not been competitive in 2 quarters of footy”. (both against Port)

I wonder how many teams below us could say that?

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Just quickly checked our quarters

W 18 L 17 D 1

Won 8 by 10+
Lost 5 by 10+