Lid OFF 2024. Show the lid the door 🚪

Baldwin is a big chance.
Hayes is coming, perhaps next year.

There are games when he doesnt have a suitable match up, like Sunday night.
Though i like the insurance of having another guy that can play tall.

“Borrowed time” might be the end of his contract 2025, but it is coming.

Hayes is the only one that may force him out, but that won’t be this year as you said. I fully expect Baldwin to be delisted at years end.

Oh great so there’s a possibility we can lose to both c–t clubs in a finals campaign.

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Ok, so post bye… players/depth back, tick. West Coast no Reid, tick. Pies not at full strength thus a chance, tick. Dees no Petracca, tick. (Yes i know we shouldnt count on key players out but its reality, it helps) Majority games at home (Marvel/G), v Saints, Crows, Freo, Suns, tick. Swans at home too, a chance provided we kicking goals again by then, my wordy, tick. Lions at Gabba, not the nightmare it once was, tick. Could be a lot worse.


Swans and Bloos have peaked too early. We’re one out, one back, just about to enter the home straight.

Gonna come flying down the home straight, finish top 4 and win the flag farken.

Zero. Lid. Required.


Now you done it!


I’ve had us missing the 8 with 13.5 wins a couple of different ways, I think we need 6 more wins to be super safe.

I’d be shocked if 13.5 doesn’t get us in.
Every side except Gorth will take some scalps of contenders, including Rich, St.K, Adel & WC at home.
Certainly, the Hawks will.

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You’re gonna like Hoyney this week.
From 19.30 - 20.30…

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Freo and Lions having the draw hurts us now, considering our poor %

id put my house on him not being delisted but we can have a friendly bet if you like

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Yep, Bris are edging closer.
Not enough yet for me to be concerned that they will still be alive come Rd.24

Freo are a concern, which makes that Ess/Freo MCG game pivotal.

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I’m not a betting man, I’m a make big statements with no ramifications man.


This person Lids Off


ok well it is a big statement. your only ramification will be “haha you were wrong”

We will see who is wrong, won’t we.

Time will tell

well der

Great to hear if we fix up the goal kicking and forward entries we will win a lot of games after the bye

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