Lid OFF 2024. Show the lid the door 🚪

I would agree with you there.

I don’t think he’s going to be left out either, it’s just what I would do at this stage if the decision was up to me as it stands at the moment (there’s a few caveats there).

Right now, Parish probably replaces Perkins.

I rate Perkins. He is one I expected to have a breakout year, alongside Durham. And I still think we will see a lot better from Perkins. He has a bright future ahead.

But right now, if we bring Parish in, it’s probably Perkins out, for mine.


Except there’s this thing called an interchange bench and rotations. You don’t play 3 midfielders in the middle all day.
Parish will play midfield as well as those 3, and others, he doesn’t need to be displacing any of these 3 from their current roles to play.
He could very easily replace any of the 5 players listed on our extended bench + Perkins, with a shuffling of roles.

Parish replaces Shiel.

As soon as he is fit.

There isn’t a universe where he is left out of the side.


Whooshka …
I’m on the same train but its a big call.
I salute you :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder what @darkknightpheonix thinks of that summation.

I think it is absolutely spot on in every respect.

In Nackers, we trust.

I’ve got nothing…

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Helpfully, 3 other top 8 sides have flopped this weekend.
If we can learn from last night at both the selection table and game day, you just never know.


Too soon

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No coach West Coast beating Brisbane should keep us in 5th.

Unlucky as they got pretty close but can’t get every result your way, still hurts to have last night pan out as it did but destiny still in our hands, Syd and particularly the Lions not looking as infallible as I’d thought recently

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Kane Cornes been saying it all year winning a final would make it a succesful year considring where we are coming from.


Foxsports has us finishing 6th playing gws in an elimination final at the G

You take that


For myself, there’s no justification of Lid Off thoughts until we defeat Freo at the MCG in 3 weeks.
Obviously, that means doing the job on the Crows & Saints first.

I think if we were to go 13 - 6 - 1, we’d have some real momentum.
Anyhow, 1 week at a time and all that…


A big 10 goal win against Crows would do nicely to make up for the putrid Melbourne performance but they wont and instead beat the Crows by 2 goals

I’d take a 2 goal win

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A 10 goal win against the Crows won’t mean sh*t.

It’s the ability to back up week on week on week, and then hang tough with a good side for 120 minutes.

ATM, we have zero trust in the team to be able to do that.


Its does when our % is poor

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The people of blitz wouldnt know who to support as gws are their 2nd team!

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