Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday

How the ■■■■ can King think we are contenders???

Don’t worry, here is his predictions for 2017.


Top 8
Western Bulldogs
GWS Giants
West Coast

Premier: Sydney
Wooden Spoon: Carlton

Edit: Actually I’ve looked at a lot of the “expert’s” predictions for last season. It appears the methodology is - jumble up the order of the final 8 from the previous year, then swap one team out for an up and coming team (usually Melbourne).

Haha. Yep that is probably the right methodology.


Law of probabilities suggests David King will get one right eventually. Could this be the year?

Wasn’t sure where to post this maybe there should be a thread on 2018 predictions/expectations
We will play Melbourne Demons at the G in an elimination final and lose by 12 points.
100% this will happen

Look what I found!

West Coast ain’t finishing 6th lol

Smith is a legit Mid mate, will be one of our best players this year.


David King thinks we are a premiership threat.
I’ve lost all confidence.


The Magnets don’t lie.

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After round 2 when we are 0-2 this thread will explode. No mids, no finals


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Round 4?

I’m expecting end of the first quarter round 1. The crouch brothers plus Sloane. I’m expecting to be losing clearances badly. Cue calls for Myers to be executed.


I reckon Richmond have 2!


Martin. Caddy… Cotchin. Prestia. Graham.

In terms of our similar types though…

Stringer. Heppell… Zerrett. Parish. Myers.

Smith & Zaka will play inside also

We just going to have to spread the load more as don’t have as many absolute top end mids as the better sides.

I swear I watch different games. The grand final I watched was most certainly not won by clearances. And certainly not forward line clearances, which is where Graham and Caddy line up.

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So SANFL inside mid Graham wasn’t tagging Sloane then? And got off him to kick goals on the counter

And Caddy wasn’t rotating with Dusty as their medium fwd / inside mid then which they do all the time? One goes into guts, other fwd.

But I’d agree not won by clearances. It was Tigers out pressuring Crows everywhere on ground.

In terms of inside mids only Martin and Cotchin are top shelf.

Otherwise our inside mids in Heppell, Zerrett, Parish, Smith, and Myers are better or comparable to other Richmond inside mids.

You’ve gone from “consistent inside mids” to “they played roles on the day which didn’t involve being inside mids”. Which is quite correct. And Prestia, to his credit, had a good, consistent 2017. I just wouldn’t bank on him backing it up, with his injury history.

That finals serirs was all about pressure. If it was about inside mids, Adelaide win in a canter.

Essendon’s pressure was poor for much of the year, with some brief patches of very exciting, intense work. Get that right, and it throws the other mids under as much pressure as ours look most of the time. Get it wrong, wouldn’t matter who’s on ball.

The positive is Richmond showed you could go from just about the worst pressuring side to the best, if you draft and select right: Castagna, Rioli, Menadue, Lambert, Graham were very very good.

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On what your saying you can’t really call Dusty an inside mid then if 50% of his time is spent fwd which is pretty much what happens in switching with Caddy.

Of those Richmond 5. Only Cotchin, Prestia & Graham (tagger) played permanent midfield.

But again I agreed with you on pressure.

Tigers have just enough contested players to win the footy inside, where they trump most teams is their hard running role playing outside players / small fwds.

Helped by the fact they played 1 kpf in JRiewoldt whose excellent at ground level, Grigg 2nd ruck who always was a hard running midfielder & then Dusty/Caddy as a medium fwd.

It’s just one big swarm of running players