Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


I once treated this thread like I would a thread full of anti vaxers. Like you were all poco loco. Not any more, I’m onboard unfortunately.


Yeah maybe. Ups and downs, twist and turns yet when it’s all over we are back where we started and asking for ANOTHER rebuild


Yeah, … is it any wonder blitz is accused of being bi polar following this team eh??

What’s the difference between Ecstasy & Agony??

About 6 to 7 days, … sometimes 5 …


when do we get to the ecstasy part?


Usually about halfway through Collingwood.


yeah,… its incredibly hard to see why throwing around blitz is bipolar is très intelligent.

edit forgot smilies.


The first thing i said was I was happy with the win, that’s why i’m ■■■■■■ about it, people glossed over that and just went straight for me.

and yes i did say it was like watching a cripple fight, cos it was, and i did say turning up and playing like that wouldn’t breed success, and look at where we are yet again.

And you’re right, people won’t congratulate me for being right, they’ll just turn around and say I hate the club even more and i’m “gloating” or “revelling” in their current state

But this is why i ultimately say one off good wins (moreso cos of the importance of the day, not the way the team played) ultimately don’t mean much.

But you’re right, people don’t value honest opinions around here, they’d rather live in their delusional bubble where we really are an awesome super fun team going places, up until this week were they turn savage when their bubble has no option but to burst.


Should’ve seen what happened when people were like ‘we’re actually ■■■■■■’ re: asada.

We’re not ■■■■■■ you ■■■■ fan we are Essendon we ■■■■.


That 2002-3 period. Culling favourite sons, then Rama getting sick. Yeah, no wonder the mood struggled


I gave an, what I believed to be, an honest assessment. They played putrid that day and just happened to win.
You blew your load, like a few others did.

Now how many weeks later you’re pretty much in here saying gut the list etc etc

and i’m not miserable about this club, I’m frustrated as all hell, cos even with this group of players I believe they could and should be doing better.

but hey you’re the positive one right, needing to gut the list, and i’m the negative one being frustrated by my belief this group of players could actually do something, but not willing to lower my standards of what should be acceptable way of performing, win or not.


When you catch up with Jake at billboards??


When do we start blaming Peter Jackson again, shunting the blame on him was good for about a decade.


Have a feeling BSD was actually saying that we have every right to be bi-polar because of the way the team plays.


Just thank God we have Gentleman James Kelly going around this year


I think he has been very good for us. But i think there is no real point playing him in the 1s anymore.


Usually about 12-16 hours, depending how much you take, how much water you’ve had and how badly you’ve chewed your gums off.


So you’re saying that in sport, you win some you lose some??




I’m saying we just go around in circles, year after year.


Yep. That is how sport works. Now mountains… They last a long time. Mountain climbing is fun and healthy.