Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


With luck, the right attitude and the umps on your side, any club is capable of a Bulldogs big win, we haven’t got any of those things. Our blokes looked as though they have thrown in the towel. Cooked again. If it’s true then, play the young blokes who if they make it will be the future of this club. Yes we will might get beaten but it won’t be any worse of a defeat than the game against the Lions, who showed us up right royally. We looked like ran amateur’s.

That game was like drinking truth syrup, like getting a slap in the face, a bit of a wake up call. Please consider giving those who are leaving at the end of the season, a farewell game and get some games into the young blokes.


If anything else the axe needs to swing on the back of last week’s performance.

Kids putting their hands up like beggers, Mutch need to be rewarded.


Just so a zinger like this doesn’t get lost, here is what Barnz said if you work around the swear filter:

"We’re not farked you sh*t fan we are Essendon we fark."



Give it a couple of years and hawthorn will have a better group of young players coming through and rebounding back up the ladder while we’re floundering in 10th after wanking about being in the top 8 after 6 rounds.

Can’t even enjoy the lite n easy ads anymore.


So Xavier Campbell has apologised to the players for his tweet after the game… sigh


Did someone rip into him after the game for apologising for another insipid performance from the determined group?


not sure. I couldnt get past the paywall on the herald sun to read the whole thing.


If you type the headline into google you get the link to the article sans paywall


This club is fked


Summary: Sorry, not sorry. But sorry, but also not.


So when will the players apologise to us for their pathetic display of football?

Typical weak club




I had to apologise to my wife for the crap mood I was in when I got home.



Not even PJ did that back in the day when he thought a shithouse performance was"unacceptable". (Of course despite or because of PJ’s best planning, we still had to accept it anyway, and again and again over the next 12+ years).


Just as an aside, . was it even really Xaviers place as CEO to do it in the first place?

Shouldn’t/wouldn’t it normally be our President to come out and say 'yada yada Unacceptable" etc?

Speaking of that, … is Tanner still there? Haven’t heard squat from him for months.




As predictable as the performance.


Xav said similiar after the 2014 final loss.

And here we are 3 years later…


I know in the footy world in days of yore the President was very much the mouthpiece. In the corporate world it’s always been the CEO.

I may be wrong but I think Tanner is the Chairman… not President.