Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday

But you complain about everything Nino


Actually I don’t every one knows that Essendon needs to be better defenseilvy and winning contsetd footy it’s what wins games espically if we want to go deep in finals.

But we haven’t even played a single round yet Nino and you are banging on about it already.

Can we at least get through a few games before you start slagging the club?

You will get plenty of opportunity throughout the year no doubt.


Sorry just hanging for the season to start.

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But we have seen them play two games (JLT). I agree with Nino. There hasn’t been any change that I can see regarding our forward pressure. If we were trying a zone/cluster or a press up then we would have seen it on the field. We continued to play a counter-attacking style.

Either win the ball from the bounce/stoppage and run or intercept in our defensive 50 and run… There was no pressure in our forward half, trying to turn it over there.

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In the second JLT game we pressed up hard and made it dificult for Geelong which was great but then dropped off in the 3rd and Geelong were able to dominate was only the last qrt where Essendon upped the pressure again and then won,

So the team is capable they just need to do it for 4 qrts.

Fair to say we had a few blokes half arsing it during the JLT.

Generally the pressure goes up a few notches when the real stuff starts.

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We’d be better off if only we could rely on outsourcing…

Safe to say they would not have been the ones with gastro.


We rely on outscoring???


Well there you go.

After playing the game and watching for over 60 years, I had thought the object of the game was to out score your opponent.

Must be a new rule that you can win by being better at defending.

That’s really not a new rule.

Flags are built on a solid defense.

Did you watch the Grand Final last year? or any since the 90s? How do you think the least talented team almost ever snuck a flag last year?

The days of focusing on outscoring your opponents ended sadly when Geelong lost 4 flags with the most exciting team I’ve ever seen in the 80s/90s.

Scoring is not the focus, defending is. Hardwick whos’s now the sage wise head even mentioned he’d take a good tackling forward over someone who had talent and the ability to hit the scoreboard, but needed to improve their defensive game.

This is why I can’t stand the game at the moment… We are a breath of fresh are to the competition, I hope we can make it. However, I’m lid on, I don’t think it’ll happen this year.

Excluding the last two years most premiership winning teams finish top 4 for both goals scored and defended.

We have one part of that equation taken care of and now lets see if we can improve the other.

You do not get any goals or behinds for having a good defence.

Which of our wins do you consider “guaranteed”? I think you are being generous.

Again, I find this proposal contentious.
To put it mildly.

Agree a goal defended is actually worth more than 6 points because it can create the opportunity to score one yourself, the old two goal turnaround. We love giving up 2 goals for the price of one.

Conversely then if you score a goal shouldn’t that also give you a 50/50 opportunity to again score?

If you win the ball on the last line of defence you still have a low percentage chance to take the ball the length of the ground to score.