LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


That post actually seems very Lid Off to me.


Yer, I was thinking that.
Will have us at 6-5.

We won’t get near GWS and Rich on my predictions, which will be sobering for those hoping for a fairytale 2018 campaign
We could easily lose to the Cats, which would have us at 5-6 at half way, and in a precarious position.


Once again losing to Freo and Dogs will hurt could have been 4-0

We now have to win all of Pies,Demons,Hawks which won’t be easy


Proven over and again to be false on this very website.




Sure is. For example last year. Beat Hawthorn, Geelong, then lost easily to Carlton, Melbourne and Brisbane.


The plural of anecdote is not data…


melbourne and brisbane are playing a lot worse than collingwood, hawthorn, geelong.


Melbourne will be coming off 2 bad losses, but will still fancy themselves after touching us up last year.
They also have an extra days break, which has to be some sort of factor.

Brisbane proved problematic for us last season (both games), and I suspect our confidence will be severely dented coming off GWS and Richmond.


Lacking Grunt you say??? Be patient my lid-oners,be patient.


Article in the Australian today talking about how hard the turf is up in WA. Apparently players are pulling up worse than the early years of Etihad Stadium.

Swans, Dockers and us have all lost the week after playing there.

Probably nothing - certainly a small sample size, but combined with the muggy weather v the Dogs, it could explain some of our lethargy.


That’s crazy both at the same club now


My head is waging a typical battle today. I feel confident that we are better than Collingwood. I know that when I feel confident about beating someone, Essington turn up. So am I confident, or exactly the opposite of confident?

Similarly I’d really like Jerrett to play well. But there is that part of me that watched Howlett / Hocking / Bird all get games last year while our younger players toiled away at VFL level. I still wonder if that was a missed opportunity, and this has a very similar feel. Although I have no problem with Dea and Brown playing when necessary, and as such I should consider Jerrett in a similar light. Filling a hole while maintaining team structure.


Collingwood are still favourites — so lid off!


Tomorrow 50/50.

Less confident vs melb and c–nton.

Reckon we’ll beat geel and haw.


3-2 reads a lot better than 2-3.

Smith for the anzac day medal.


hi how’s it going


Depressing. Was told this year would be different…


Thread needs to be updated. No chance in 2019-21 with woosha around.


How can we expect to be any good when we have played 4 players this year that other clubs delisted .
Clubs worse than us realized that these players were no good . But we have picked them up and played them in our best 22 .
We will be no good until these players and our own spuds get delisted .