Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


This is the kind of hard hitting analysis that you’d get from David King and Brad Johnson


Fox should give me a job then haha


That AFL 2018 GF doco is great to watch…wow. Dreaming of the day when we win one.


Can someone please ring Dyl and tell him we’ve moved to Tulla… quickly


They don’t call him Dyl for nothing.


I struggle to watch/anything with the GF these days just makes me jelly.


When was this on i’ll be ■■■■■■ if i missed it?


You can watch it through AFL app (maybe Telstra customers only).


They really are getting the top tier of journos at the roar.


2019 injury crisis in full effect.


Lid on thread to continue its dominance over the lid off thread for another season.


When did the club rehire Robinson and Dank?


I kind of feel our list is no mans’ land again. Few of our better players in their twilight, few youngsters who haven’t come on as we’d like and some good youngsters who aren’t quite ready yet. I really hope we go one way or the other as I couldn’t bear seeing Carlton and Melbourne rebuild ahead of us. Melb has already and I fear the other is catching up faster than we think. We are definitely in a Richmond like cycle that needs breaking ASAP.


one solider out, one soldier in


I’m not worried about our older brigade. Only retirements in the next 5 years is Hurley, Hooker, TBC, Bags, Myers and Zaka.

Bags and Myers are just role players and should be passed by some of the young guys.

The three talls are going to be harder, but with Francis, Zerk and Draper I think we have the prices of the puzzle. Worst case we need to bring someone in, but at that point we would have the cap room.

Zaka is Zaka.

Remember this group of players have never won a final, despite real chances. We’ve blamed 4 head coaches and the club for this. Given they’ve been some our better players, not fair to put that all on them. But maybe that group won’t see success.


Please refer to him as “the weapon”…




I’m fully committing to lid on for the first time since about 2010. Our players are fkd and so is the gameplan.

That said, looking forward to next Sunday.


This isn’t lid on enough.


Yes it is. We are lid on but still watch and follow the club, just very realistic about it