Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now



I was going to say how environmentally bad that photo is, until I noticed they were recycling.


If the players and club are saying it may take time then why didn’t we set up a trial game prior to JLT like most clubs did.

That extra game against proper opponents would have been handy to instead of all these match sims.

I haven’t been to training so can’t judge how much they’ve been working on it but don’t want this excuse come round 5 and 6


It’s all very hush hush at the club this preseason.

Don’t want any secrets getting out.


We haven’t heard much from Worsfold both JLT post matches were taken by Harvey and Corrigan.


Injury risk?


well it was until now


When the coach says he’s disappointed in the team failing to execute the game plan during JLT it’s a worry. I know this is the lid on thread but I’m hoping the boys were holding back the required intensity and will bring the heat for the real thing on Sunday



How’s that centre part working for you?


A lot of the coaches comments in media conferences aren’t worth listening to at the best of times. Comments on JLT games even less so.


Hopefully the lads took it on board and we see a better performance against GWS. I want us to build a winning culture weather it was JLT or not.


Lot of action in this thread


Grand Final would probably be worse imo.


Ah no it’s not. It’s about being realistic.


Fancy living in a world where you don’t expect a flag every season like a teenager.


Haven’t heard from him. But he did look ■■■■■■ off in the coaches box during the Carlton game.


This is about the most he’s said in a while.


Tisk tisk @FurryLog is not a sexual euphemism

It’s an augmented reference to me being a “Flog”

Enough with the phallic references


I reckon we will come good after round 8 this year.