Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


Personally, I think the preseason and JLT went well, barring injuries to Joe and Hooksy. The club has done well to keep a lid on it, with the mediocre performances in JLT certainly helping that (i’m seeing both games as typical Worsfold practice matches so not reading too much into the scores). We were the number 1 pressure side in the second half of last season, so i’d like to think come Round 1 GWS will be under the pump something similar to last time we played them. I must admit it’s a bit of a relief to not have every toss pot in the media blowing smoke up our ■■■. Let Richmond, Collingwood and the others take the limelight (rightfully so) and hopefully we just sneak up on them at the right time.


Lick a log?



What on earth is phallic about logs FFS??

(Anyone remember this totally obvious ad?)


I stand corrected. Carry on.


Just warming it up for you all.

Clap clap clap clap.

I think we are looking pretty good in the first half against the Giants.


Anyone know a cheap welder?


Lol, we cant even get the #1 pick this year. We mocked Carlton for trading theirs to Adelaide, GWS just hit the jackpot.

Calling it now, wont make finals. Don’t give a ■■■■ it it is round 1 or not, if you cant come out to play in round 1 and be desperate to perform after 6 months of pre season training then you are mentally weak. Can’t win any important games with that attitude, which explains why we get our pants pulled down on ANZAC day and in finals (on the rare occasions we make it)


I expected failure and we are somehow even worse than I imagined.

Not mad, you can’t stay mad for 15 years. I barely give a fck now.


Imagine being so hyped for six months only for the team to produce this ■■■■


Just waiting for the happy crappers to come out and say it’s all good… only round 1… just have faith…


Even the happy clappers have turned into bloomers after that performance. That’s how bad it was


Well, … at least we don’t have to wait for the wrist slashers to flush the whole season and carry on like fkwits on the back of just one game eh??


If we are not on the bottom of the ladder after tonight and we dare knock the CFFC, we are weak mentally, physically and spiritually. Where is the culture has this club gone? Down the toilet? On today’s performance we are bottom four. Who get’s the sack this time around?

Actually, this is our third game in a row and I am counting the same lack lustre performances in the JLT.




Maybe these wrist slashers have seen this script a few times already.
Maybe it’s the deluded happy clappers that should be re-assessing things :grinning:


I reckon calling people that have been proven right more oft than not ‘wrist slashers’ is pretty poor form, but what can you expect from an antiquated boomski.


You spelt “crappers” wrong.


Not sure what the happers would do, but a realist with any sort of wisdom / experience would know to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before making any assesment of where we, or any other team for that matter, is actually at.


Yep, that’s what they did last year. Waited till after round 8 to do anything, by which time it was even yet another further wasted season.


I don’t know about that. Pretty sure you were saying it’s just the JLT and it’ll click come Round 1. Now it’s wait 4-6 weeks.