Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


Nope. Not I.


Maybe it was somebody else then
Apologies. Could you find any positive out of today’s game? I certainly couldn’t.


It was only 11 months ago that I’m pretty sure the happers were saying the same thing.
Do we wait another 8 weeks to see if the band plays the same tune as before?


Of course not.

We should sack everybody RIGHT NOW and begin a rebuild.


Forget about right or wrong, its pretty fuxking low to compare reactions over a football team winning or losing and equate it to attempting suicide and slitting wrists.
But hey what does one expect from people like that.


Most clubs who get smashed in round 1 come out breathing fire the next week. The worst thing is I have no clue about how our players will respond. If they feel like it they might… mental midgets the lot of them


No, it should have been done properly last year


I did say I wasn’t concerned about JLT form, … and I’m not really concerned about this loss, … yet.

No professional AFL team runs out of gas as quickly in the 1st game of the season as we did today without very good reason.

Now, if only we had any idea what that could be, …??? :thinking:

Humidity alone doesn’t explain it, but would certainly excacerbate the more likely reason/s.


Don’t think it will happen personally. Didn’t come out breathing fire after jlt1or jlt2.


Or, from previous seasons, they won’t. They’ll dig themselves into a bigger hole and won’t turn it around until the season is already over.


Uh huh. Sure.


■■■■■■■ clappers coming into this thread trying to stand on a pedestal? you’ve never gloomed so wtf would you know to post in this thread?


In a perfect world Woosha wouldn’t have been re-signed after round 1 and him, Neeld and the rest should have been bounced at the same time instead of using Neeld as a scapegoat


Okey doke. :+1:


So are you wondering if they are unfit or unwell or both???


I hear on good authority it’s our training loads so we are good to go for the grand final




This post has aged well!


Have we decided to tank yet ?
That would be silly wouldnt it ?


Sounds like our injury department. They say they will be out for a week and turns into a 6 week injury