Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now



You guys got any room for a new recruit in here?


It was ok to keep worsfold, not ok to give him an extension. He was still contracted for 2019, where is he going to go? He didnt even look like he wanted to coach when we signed him, it was like we begged him to coach us.

He is not our savior, he is just a very incompetent little boy


At this rate we’ll hit 70,000 by round 2.


It’s sad that the most positive I have felt about EFC in a long time was after the last 3 rounds of 2016. We played inspired footy, young players had developed over the season and we were getting anoth batch in the next draft.

WTF happened? It’s almost like we stuck a big excuses are your future sign above the locker room and everybody was could just be average since then.


St Diddler is paying over $3.50 on various sites… amazing.

Tempted to make an account and load up.


Reality is often very hard to swallow. But reality is that many of yesterday’s team would not get a game with any of the top clubs.

And probably another couple.

Time we played some new blokes


As I’ve said, over and over in the last 18 hours.

It is not ok to have a playing group this poorly prepared for round 1. That is the responsibility on the coaching department.
We weren’t prepared for round 1 last year… and we weren’t prepared this year.

What have we been doing over the preseason???


What a depressing feeling waking up today.

Knowing that there’s nothing to look forward to this football season except despair and humiliation.


The final against Sydney was worse. That ended the season

Then again, there was the second half against North Melbourne. That also ended the season.


Jon worsfold and his retarded coaching department happened.

They decided to play all our young developing players out of position and ruin their futures.

been saying this since 2017 when carlton beat us at the G, kept seeing loose players out the back of the contest that day and ever since 80% of the games we have lost is for the exact same reason. The bloke cannot coach in the modern game.

needs to go asap. someone put it so perfectly in the Adrian dodoro thread. People bang on about how dodoro doesn’t draft pure mids but flankers and tries to turn them into mids. well we did draft a pure mid and worslforld has him playing most of the game on the flanks when he decides to pick him (parish).

really think its time for a fresh coach.


We are supposed to be fast. Why did we appear so slow?


Generally when you walk around the field while your opponents run, you appear slow.


We had plenty of time to punch out our 150km. No need to rush these things.


Feels like a pretty ordinary Monday.

Hopefully plenty of people at work forgot footy started this weekend.

We can lose. And losing to the giants away is not shameful.

But seriously in that manner?

Want to find out how many blitzers travelled to the game and how much they spent doing it?

That sort of effort everyone almost ■■■■■■ well deserves a refund.


annoying thing is we could have had Tim Tarranto but for some reason didn’t draft him.

Now hes playing games of 30 odd touches and multiple goals while we have 0 midfielders capable of that output.

I wonder how McGrath will compare to him and Mcclugage in a few years time


Up at 5am get to Tulla but at 6am Tiger cancelled flight; nothing else available so packed the day in and went home. Spewing.

4.30pm; went outside washed the car. (And didn’t get home at midnight had the 6am flight not been cancelled!)

For once, thanks Tiger.


I think Mcgrath is going along well.

He would look like a superstar if he played at the giants as well.

It was a poor team performance Sunday.

That’s the fault of our coaches and senior players.


There was a moment where stringer was in a scuffle with a few gws players. Only 2 guys walked up to help. Myers proceeded to pull stringer away by his jumper instead of helping him. Langford just grabbed a bit of jumper then walked away

Where is the team spirit?!?!


It was a massive problem at the start of 2018 as well. Still remember Goddard wrestling on the ground with Hepps trotting backwards past him. Let’s hope that isn’t the enduring vision of his leadership.