Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


Still relevant.


Has anyone noticed the correlation between how much the happy crappers pump up a player’s tyres and how badly he goes?

There were so many posts saying how TBC would be the best tap ruckman in the league against the “spud” GWS ruck.

Tyres maximum pumpage. TBC close to WoG performance.


Ya jokin me. From what I’ve seen he wasn’t clean, his kicks the few he had go astray, he has a very strange kicking style. His tackling is ok but he’s not thinking fast enough yet.
I think we’re jumping the gun with him. He should have been left coming off half back where his anticipation is valuable and he can run straight at the ball, maybe another year or two we try this midfield bizzo.
So far nothing in OP’s statement has been disproven. Worst start to a season ever, worst loss in memory in terms of endeavour. Where’s Tuddy.
Woosha like Tuddy was one of the hardest players of all time and gave no quarter. But his coaching style seems a little laid back for a very laid back group compared to Tuddenham who took the team from nearly last to fifth in his first season.
The back end of last year was phenomenal, they were an excitement machine, smashed the Premiers, thrashed the Giants and lost close ones to the Woods and fn Hawthorn
Maybe OP is right about defence but I don’t think so. Fast all-out attack combined with hard tackling can win games time and again. That’s what I want to see thanks not some confusing crap that took the Tigers years to get right.
It’s not rocket science, let em play their natural game and the rest comes


we’re to come out breathing fire, beat st kilda by about 30, put in a few decent performances then pull out another of these games within 2 months, you can bet your house on it

team is choc full of “just enough” players, and nothing will get better till they’re all gone


Same old ■■■■ every season.


Well coached we have the cattle.

Look GWS are a monster team in terms of talent. But lesser sides have won the flag in the past few years.


Apparently FOX footy focused on Zach Merret last night. He could not, or could not be bothered chasing GWS players. I think most who saw the match would have seen his lack of effort. Dois aside, this is coming from the top.

Could not be bothered: The worst possible interpretation . Means the coach might be about to “lose” the leadership group or there is something internal the players are unhappy with? The “game plan” maybe?

Could Not: Along with almost all the other players he lacked speed, and effort. Are we underprepared?

I am not ready to accept the first interpretation, even though we have now had 3 games in a row with similar levels of endeavour, but if we have any more of this type of performance in the near future,
we are stuffed.


He was putting in that level of “effort” from the first bounce. It’s not fitness as such.

He’s either not right, or can GTFO.


This club has been a poor joke for a long time…

  • Appointing the “best available” coach late 2007.
  • Extending “best available” coach’s contract, then sacking him a year later.
  • Appointing a bloke (with some behavioural issues) as a head of football/mentor who was eventually responsible (bringing in the fitness guy who brought in the sports science guy) for the darkest days in the club’s history.
  • Poor governance, allowing sports science guy to run a program without the proper checks and balances.
  • Failure to back the coach when AFL were looking for a scapegoat and in the process allowing the AFL to run a smear campaign against said coach… weak/spineless.
  • Although current coach was ideal for post SAGA recovery (good man management) he was given a contract extension when his obvious deficiencies (tactical nous/game day flexibility) continues to inhibit the progress of the team.
  • Failure to address long standing cultural problems (losing mentality) through poor appointments in key areas of football operations.
  • Essendon are mired in footballs version of purgatory or limbo, walking aimlessly around like zombies without purpose or design.

You know, what makes things so hard to take are the constant excuses, no visible progress, the talk of embracing expectations, the quality of the list failing to produce, the thought of another failed season, even before its started. This club continues to be the laughing stock of the competition and a constant source of satisfaction for opposition supporters who love seeing the club and its supporters take yet another hit.


Past tense: they were a team full of talent.

We had the same number of first round draft picks playing on the weekend


I would say regardless of position of draft selection.

Their list is phenomenal.

Our side should def have played a Lot better. I just think GWS will monster a few sides this year.


Did you mean that remark as a positive or a negative? Because we stank.


Negative - As in don’t use as an excuse that gws has talent that we don’t. I don’t think that’s true. We have a lot of first round picks and high ones at that on our list.


wait til that new clapper finds this thread.


Someone posted this on one of the Essendon forums - my gosh - where did our passion for the game go!


Please if you are going to claim stuff like this, get it right.

They, i.e PJ and his mates, never said “best available”

He, and they, specifically said “best in Australia”.

That should never be forgotten. They sacked a bloke now officially recognised as an AFL legend to replace him with “the best in the country”.

FFS, Nights was not even the best coach in the VFL.

It’s one of the worst examples in our annals of mediocrity.


I recall Zach M playing just as poorly at the start of last year. The guy is a champion. He is clearly underdone due to injury.


McGrath is playing a new role in a new midfield with new rules. The guy is smart enough to work it out. If he doesn’t, he’ll be the best half back flanker in history and a future captain. Ride someone else.


You probably should be advised that history goes back a long time. Certainly more than the last few years.

He won’t even be the best HBF that has played for Essendon.

But even ignoring all that, has any other club in modern times given up a #1 pick for a HBF?


What do you mean ride someone else?

All I said was I wonder how he will compare to the two other best players of his draft year haha
Someone is a little up tight about his favourite players.

I love andy mcgrath, and think he is doing well up to date.