Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now




Just had a chat with Kyle Reimers at work asked him if he could make a comeback, he said we’re ■■■■■■ and not even he could save us.



Dois in his previous role with the NDIS.


Officially our worst start I can remember

We look as bad as we’ve ever been in the modern era, you’d have to go back almost 50 years to find a worse looking essendon team, and in that era they at least gave some sort of fight

All spark of hope or any optimiism for this club is gone. It is actually now unknown when Essendon will be even half decent or reliable or trustable and that is a disgraceful thing for the club and the brand to serve up to the australian public

what an embarssment


Pretty much season over by round 2 - new record even by Essendon standards.


How does the Tasmanian Bombers sound?


The majority saw the writing on the wall after the team was named on Thursday.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the supporters show more knowledge than the so called paid professionals




Dunno, knights era was PRETTY bad…


All of you who told me we would lose by 12 goals to GWS with a 2 Dylan advantage and then rock up the next week and lose to the laughingstock Saints, I want to say you were right! You nailed it. You knew we are a team of great players who were going to collectively give no effort in the first two games and our game plan was going to make us look worse than Gold Coast. Well done on foreseeing the future and you all must feel so smug now that you have been proven correct. Enjoy the losses.


Honestly didn’t matter who played today, we would still have lost the game. It would have been nice for John to lay down the law by dropping a senior player but not sure he will get the opportunity now.


Reckon club membership will drop below 50,000 in 2020.


When you lower your expectations far enough…just far enough, to match how bad Essendon really are…something magical happens.

You start to laugh.

A turnover happens, and you just point and laugh.

You turn to the person next to you and say “Did you see that! I mean, I expected them to stuff it up, but I couldn’t have imagined that they would do it like that! This ■■■■ is so creative!”

And you’re back! You’re happy again. Is footy fun now? Well it can be funny!

You just have to go in with the right expectations.


FFS we aren’t a team of great players! Quit with this notion. It really ■■■■■■ me off. These players have achieved nothing. Why do people say they are so good? They simply aren’t. Try and be slightly objective. Supporters of other successful clubs don’t rate our list at all. Most wouldn’t break into the top teams’ 22. The list is sht and if wasn’t we would finish higher than 10th. A lot of our so called good players were let go by others clubs. Think about that for a second.


@El_Don thanks for the reply.
Agree that not all our team members would make it onto other lists.

I limit myself to puerile, flog commentary and quips. I do feel we have a some great players though.

@Deckham assessment from best 22 thread above is pretty good.

If we also list the players that are potential game changers when the game plan is working and we are cohesive on field we are pretty rich with talent.

Conor, Saad, Hooker, Merret, Tippa, Fantasia, Joe, Bellchambers, Dylan, Aaron, Heppel, Shaun and possibly others can all be X factor, momentum changing, scruff of the neck type players. They can’t do that when the whole team is not functioning.

Our Geelong, WC and GWS wins etc last year are pretty good proof we have the cattle.


Tassie Dons!


Look at the longest serving players at our club:

Bellchambers- played one really good season in a decade at the club. Should be hitting his prime and bringing aggression every week. Hot and cold, when the pressure comes on he turns to water

Zaka- everyone knows my opinion of him. Worst BnF winner I have ever seen. Pics never consistent in either form or effort. Hates any physical contact, pretty much the exact opposite of everything a senior player should be.

Myers: had one and half good seasons in 10 years. For all his so called leadership abilities, he never steps up when the chips are down. Too slow for the modern game, how he has survived at Essendon for so long has got me stuffed

Hurley: not a shadow of the player he was before the ban. Yesterday he responded exactly how a senior leader should after a smashing. You can tell he genuinely cares about the club. Yesterday instead of sulking he kept on fighting. THAT is exactly what a senior leader should be doing, keep it up hurls.

Hooker: one of the only true leaders at our club. He has his flaws, but he is by far the most important player at our club. Pretty much everything a leader and experienced player should be

If I have missed anyone please let me know


if we actually had 10 elite players we wouldn’t be losing to ■■■■■■■ st kilda.


Massively over-rating our list. Tippa is nowhere near elite, not even decent
Raz and Conor and Saad are not elite either

#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA

They all have the ability to be, but whoever is developing them and in charge of getting the best out of them should be sacked

Our kick outs are actually worse than last year. Didn’t think it was possible for them to get worse, but they have