Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


Post of the weekend. I was laughing silly just reading that.


You sound like a happy clapper


Amazing how during trade period so many posters have the inside scoop and somehow know every trade move occurring in advance.

Fast forward to the regular season and just about everyone is clueless as to what is happening in the club rooms.


Good game by some of these non elite and the not even decent bloke tonight


Brisbane is actually a pretty good test of the lid… A good win would give it a slight loosen.

Winning the next three would I think be reason to sedate this thread for a while and crank up the other.


We’ll beat geelong. Not sure about the next two weeks.


I’m happy that the boys got up on Friday but I’m still concerned that we are nowhere near where I expected us to be this season.

Devon Smith, McKenna, Parish, Merrett and Tippa reminded us of of the commitment that we showed last year in the back half of the season to defensive pressure but we still had massive lapses against a Melbourne team that is frankly in disarray.

Good teams don’t let other teams kick seven goals in a row.

Good teams stomp on the throats of their opponents once they have them five goals down and finish the job.

Good teams make it hard to score. Melbourne has been the worst offense in the comp up until they played us and we let them score nearly 20 goals. It wasn’t just the scoreboard either, they scored 18.4 because they consistently got opportunities to score out the back.

Good teams intercept and create rather than waiting for mistakes. Most of our scoring chains from the back half were the result of woeful skills errors by Melbourne.

There are some positives.

For all the talk of midfield bulls we actually looked a lot better without Myers and Langford in the midfield. Our pace around the ball was electric and Melbourne had little time to dispose of the ball when we were switched on. The deficiencies of Myers in particular really stick out when you look at the kind of movement we get when McGrath, Shiel, Smith, Parish, Fantasia, Tippa, McKenna, Zaharakis and Saad come streaming through the middle.

Melbourne’s appalling team defense allowed McKernan, Stringer, Tippa and Fantasia to build some form and confidence. Hopefully they can carry that into the game against Brisbane who are far better organized down back.

I think we go in underdogs against Brisbane on current form, should handle North despite their excellent record against us of late, then tough games against Pies, Cats and Sydney.

I can’t see us being better than 3-6 after those games unless something drastically changes


The second quarter is what the coaching staff will I presume be looking at this week.

I think with the new 666 rule, sides will get sometimes a run on a bit more than prior. Flooding the backline is no longer a tactic.

Look at the dogs hawks game last week. Wc got a run on against a very good giants outfit.

Tempo footy we are def trying. Was well covered against the Dees via the TV coverage.


I think we now have enough inside mids where we dont need Myers to play.

But you’re right, we have conceded 300 points already in 3 matches, that won’t win you many games.


If slowing the game down when the oppo gets on a run is going to be the go-to tactic for us… Lang’s your man. In all seriousness, he’s a solid kick under pressure… can see him, McGrath and Zerrett playing kick-to-kick across halfback, as a legit tactic


Nothing surer than Myers coming straight back into the side

Our midfield looked so much quicker and mobile without him in the team


Niall in The Age

"In the second quarter, Oliver and especially Brayshaw did seem to be on the verge of a midfield takeover, but for the majority of the match, the running power of the Bombers – whether swooping on loose balls or outside the contest – held sway over Melbourne’s strength and grunt. Smaller Essendon matched the larger Demons in contested ball.

Is it possible that the more agile and quick-footed midfielders will be advantaged by the extra space afforded them via six-six-six?

If so, Essendon would be better to do in their midfield what the Tigers did in their forward line in 2017-18."


I think I prove on what we do best.
1st and 3rd QTR. Bad habits ■■■■ off as players adapt and work on good footy.
And we haven’t seen nothing yet because there’s a certain finger twirler itching to twirl this season.


Particularly interesting given the bath Gawn gave Bellcho in the ruck


Want him back só bad.


I fear what Brisbane’s forwards will do to us the open expanses of the G.

If we can somehow scrape a win then I’m back on board but I think the Melbourne game flattered us.

For us to win we need to at a minimum break even with Neale and Zorko and then beat them in the outside which is easier said than done.

They are still young so what’s going to determine this game is can organise themselves better.

We haven’t exactly set the world on fire in that department.


I’m surprised Zorko is 30


Wow, I didn’t realise that either.

Interstate players don’t get much of a mention down here though.

He’s a gun.


Lid is firmly on.

Take the win great but alonofbprivement still as we played the bottom side.

Lions will be the test they will make the finals they play like us in the second half last year.


He was mature age. My mate told me about him years ago dominating and winning b&f’s at Broadbeach. Didn’t want to leave QLD. Amazing effort to be all Aus and now skipper.