Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now


If you thought we were good against Melbourne, realise this:

Brisbane actually have a well organised defence, with some good players, including the best KPD in the comp. They also have a competent tall forward line that will stretch us. So in that respect they are all things that Melbourne was not, on Saturday.

Then factor in Brisbane have 2 of the best mids in the comp.

This will sort the wheat from the chaff.


I think most would have pencilled this in as an Essendon win. Given what has transpired to date it’s going to be a real test. It could be an ugly mess for us if we bring our first two rounds to the game. But if we have turned and have got genuine confidence then we should be very competitive. It’s going to be a very good test for us.


Brisbane beat us a couple of years ago, in a year we made the finals even without a “failure to launch” event at the beginning of the season.


We need Brisbane to attack us, that’s when we play our best. If they put heaps of time into Hep and Zac and shut down our run we run (pardon the pun) out of ideas.
No real tall forwards for us to kick to, we will be in trouble


MCG - 171 m x 146 m
GABBA - 170.6 m x 149.9 m

Not sure exactly how accurate a v quick google search is here, but if we’re going to run with the argument that .4 of a cm one way and just shy of 4cm the other way is going to provide space that Brisbane aren’t used to having to defend, we might want to rethink that angle. We might be looking at a side that has put a lot of work into defending that much space and it’s clearly something we did not do as well as we need to.


Hepp spent a lot of petrol tickets last Friday night and was sore at the end of it. We cannot rely on him to do that week after week after week. So I guess that’s why we will bring Myers back in.


Stop being a collaborator, @chris_64.


from the VFL player summaries, Langford may get the nod to come back in


That’s what Cotchin and Selwood do. We need Hepp to do that.


He did well. I said a number of times after some of his impressive efforts, … “I think he really wants to come back in”.

He’d have to be a big chance.


That’s true. Jobe backed it up week after week.


Ish. He also had the support of Howlett, Hocking et al. Dys has been playing a lone hand for a couple of years now.




Yes we will have to remember how to play our best footy. They are very well drilled indeed surprisingly so.


cm = 0.01 metre or less than half an inch in the old measure.


400 mm one way, and near enough to 4 Metres diff in Width.

Not .4 cm (=4mm) or 4cm (= 40mm).

I take it your YouTube channel “Strewth Teaches Measurement” isn;t going too well at all? :wink:


You might thought you got away with that, but that was an uncalled for slander of how good @Albert_Thurgood is at measurement.

But I do admire your capacity to completely reconstruct your edit of the above post, almost unnoticed.



Fair bump. That me writing faster than my brain is calculating


Can I go
50% stress on saad again
50% stress on tippa again

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