Lid On 2019: Angry, frustrated? Vent here now




First win of the season and we drop Francis and guelfi, 2 young guys, we bring in Myers and Brown in their place…these coaches


Guelfi’s injured, long-term hamstring. Franscis’s omission and Myers’s inclusion are both mystifying.


Guelfi’s not injured


Pretty sure Francis is injured.


Mutch has the long term injury


Nope, he’s not


2 wins on the trot, and all the feelings of fear, uncertainty and apprehension have been replaced by optimism and the joy of Tippa’s 7

Its only a matter of time before some club like Collingwood get hold of us and beat our mids on the back of ruck dominance and choke the living daylights out of our run by denying us possession .


Well here we are. This is the fixture that so often makes us reassess what was a reasonable start to the year.

We were 2 and 2 going in to this game last year, only to lose this one by 49 points along with the next 3 after that.

Managed to beat Brisbane, North, and Melbourne so far this year. Some say we are improving, but perhaps our opposition is just getting worse. Well not this week.

History is against us. They’ve won 10 of the last 13 ANZAC Day matches.

Form is against us. They beat us twice last year. They are last years grand finalists and we couldn’t make the 8.

Timing is against us, as they got the extra days break.

So I’m just going to start putting the beer in the fridge, and setting up the foldaway chairs, and basically get ready for the influx of people back in to this thread.

The last 3 weeks have been enjoyable. We have demonstrated that we are as good as the end of last year. Now we get to see if we are better than that. Have we improved? Are we really a contender? Is this attacking brand of football worth anything when the going gets tough? Can our players hold their nerve if the game is a tight contest?

It’s lonely here for the time being. Quiet. But hey, it is good to be prepared.


6 day break should be enough. They’ve had a whole preseason to prepare for the shorter breaks.

Losing this week won’t break our season.


That’s very lid off of you Doza. You’re in the wrong thread.

Very amusing too @samwoods. I had a chuckle.


When Sidebottom kicks his 5th from the goal square and we provide our annual Anzac Day garbage fest, you will all be back in here*

*Please win bombers


Excellent title change, except you forgot to change the year as well.


Essendon is currently the “form side of the competition”. Right now it is the only team to have won its last 3 games.
This year, no team has won 4 in a row.

You know what that means? By the law of averages in this competition, we are going to lose the Anzac day game.


I think the mood in this place is going to change dramatically over the next 2 weeks.

If games go to form. We lose against Collingwood and Geelong and are then facing Sydney at the SCG and what looks like a ■■■■■■ tough fremantle side in Perth.

We could lose the next 4 easily as we could perhaps snag 1. Being 3-6 would almost bury our season.

Anzac day and May will decide our season.


You must be fun at parties…:stuck_out_tongue:


:joy:. Try not to focus on footy @ parties.

Hey we could win 4/4. The lid would well and truly be off if that occured and not just on blitz.


I said in the other thread if we win the next 2 the lid will go into the cannon.
We have a decent record against Cats and Swans up there considering our previously poor interstate record. But such a topsy turvy season who knows???


Wrong thread.

Collingwood and Geelong will give us a reality check… Ensuring the Sydney game is “season on the line” status.


Not really. Just we can’t and shouldn’t use the break as an excuse, especially after the training run on Friday.

Lose the 2 out of the next 3 and it’ll be all what we’ve seen before.