Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


A slow start is not the end of the world. Hopefully we’ll get better as the weeks progress.
We certainly have time to get ourselves ready for the season start proper. We know we can’t begin this season as we did last year and I don’t think we will. Go Bombers and please no great expectations let the boys glide into their best footy. Our best is yet to come.


St Essington day isn’t even in play yet.


get me a job ya bum.


longs always put himself into tackles.


Watched the Essendon preview vid on the Sun and Kingy said something that rings true “players need to influence and impact and are not just magnets on the whiteboard”.
We have the talent on every line as well as battling to get a spot. We need to make finals and find a consistent winning brand of footy.
It has to start next week.


The club can’t have it both ways. They advertised the game as “almost full strength” and then said “We got what we needed out of the game”. If it was an experimental game, say so. If it was a full on effort, then don’t pretend losing is ok.


Okay, prove it. What’s your password ?


Four months of preseason training and we rock up like a team that was put together a week before the Carlton game. I was genuinely excited to see the great Richmond defensive system put into action, well we had a first gamer kick 3 of the easiest goals you will ever see. Two practice games to perfect what has been practised all summer, well we ■■■■■■ the first one up against the wall. LID JAMMED ON!


Wosha recons afl players shouldn’t need motivation from the coach going into a game. I agree but it’s not the reality. This group needs to be lead, and driven to no compromise standards. The no compromise part should be ruthless effort and intensity. Every time they train and every time they play. Until this attitude is instilled on the players we are going nowhere.


Woosha is all about player motivation, but in the bigger picture sense, not grand speeches before games


Take a squiz at the TOG stats for our players and chill man. Once they are up to season type levels and we still look like rubbish, then go sick.


Nah. Last year we had a strong team smashed by the reigning premiers. This year we put time into legs.

I partly agree though. I’m not comfortable.


No more Essington references would be good, playing ■■■■ or not.


For argument sake, what’s everyone’s take on grand final time?
I don’t think night is the best idea but I wouldn’t mind a yellow ball twilight grand final. Get some more prematch entertainment and then finish big with post game entertainment under lights, fireworks and a big band.


I’m happy to trial a twilight GF - I love the atmosphere at the G during that time for normal home and away games.


If you leave to the night time slot people are either bored silly, extreme anxiousness or that drunk they pass out before it finishes.


Post Reported !


Anything but a day time grand final can GAGF


There will be no a’chillin.
He’s been going on like this for years.


No amount of calming your farm, cooling your jets, or chillin is going to have any effect on the team.
If the team does not take JLT2 seriously, we might be headed for disappointment in 2019.