Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


Yeah i was just being a sarcastic ■■■■. I meant he gets caught way too much.


Steady. Hes only out for the first 6.

Come home strong in the last 14.

And surely we still have the cattle without him to gain a few in the W column.


there are 2 weeks till the season begins…he injured his calf on the 4th…so if its 6 weeks it will be round 5 return.


But that’s a form of ‘logic’ isn’t it?
Since when did a supporter base use logic to choose, then support a team? Isn’t it about hope - misguided or otherwise? Isn’t it just about passion - escapism, even? If I wanted to go the logic path, I’d just switch teams ever few years and be happy all the time. No - just like love - you can’t account for a strong supporter base with logic.


I am 100% certain that you are wrong on that.


We started slow last year, that worked well.


Looking forward to Thursday night! Cats were very competitive against West Coast until about 3 QTR time. They’ve struggled with us in recent games. Should be a good hit out.


No amount of blowing your top, Henny Pennying and abusing other blitzers will have an effect on the team either - but there’s plenty of that going on.

To be clear, my enthusiasm has tempered somewhat, but that had nothing to do with JLT 1.


I didn’t say he was good. Just that he put himself into it.


Shouldn’t a stats fiend like yourself know there’s no correlation between preseason form and the real season?


yep you missed it

I liked Lance’s post


But he doesn’t. He half arses a lot of them, then over compensates and gives away free kicks for too high or late contact.


Yeah, nah.


Sad, but true. We’ve become so pathetic.


Always wondered what @Mendozaaaa’s Twitter was.



All I know is the record is definitely going to be eclipsed this year by at least a week regardless of if we’re playing finals or not.


Record of 5,475 wll be broken 1st Sept this year. Here’s hoping we end it soon after.


Are you putting money on Essendon to win a final this year?


5,475 days (current record) will fall on Sep 1. There’s the week off after h/a (last round Aug 24th) which means we hopefully reset it to 0 on the following weekend, should we play finals.

Still too early to say whether we are capable of ending it.


Wouldn’t have this record if we beat North in the final had those ■■■■■ on toast and then Essington showed up.