Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


I have it on good authority [from a parent of a player] that in one of those finals we Essingtoned, the players were more keen about discussing their international travel plans for the next week than winning the final.


up by 5 goals at half time then packed it in after that


I can’t wait until we have a player on our list that wasn’t born the last time we won a final.

That will be a special moment in history.


If we don’t win a final i want to see a lot of sackings at the club.


Even as one of the most pessimistic people on this site, surely that will never happen. Mendozaaaa in particular will have a field day reminding everybody of that day.


The correlation we are looking for is the result versus the aim. If we aim to debut lots of draftees, and we achieve that OK, but if thats what we want to do, it precludes a possible aim of settling the team into a gelled state something like the way the team wants to play to win games.


JLT2 cant come soon enough. I am so pessimistic after that first game. Last year it didn’t worry me when we performed so horribly in the JLT. But we carried that form into the season, I am thinking something similar is going to happen again this year. Please prove me wrong!!!


We beat Geelong in our second JLT last season… So how will the same outcome this week make you feel any better?


@efc1robbo fire up the cannon.


it’s only a couple of years away


Yep. I’ve reverted from very, very optimistic to – ■■■■! it can probably still get worse, it can keep happening!

Don’t know where I am at the moment. And as I said earlier, it wasn’t JLT 1 that shifted my optimism. I think its just the mental scars now. I don’t think even a very good win in JLT 2 would change it to be honest, not that I’m expecting it - think we’ll still stuff around with structures and manage players.


Was sure somebody would mention this but didn’t expect you to say it.


I don’t expect it to happen. I’m definitely expecting a finals win this year, not just hoping for it


Me too mate. Good to see not everybody has flipped their ■■■■■■■ lid.


Still 12-1 to win the flag, who makes up these odds, should be at least double that.



■■■ YES.


Grant Thomas?


Mark Harvey in the 1984 Premiership was the last Premiership player who was born after we had won the previous flag (1965), but even he was born after we had last won a final (1968).

Will we have someone as young as him or the '93 baby bombers the next time win a flag?


We will win the flag this year.