Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


Get the ■■■■ out!!!


I felt dirty saying it in here if it makes you feel better


It’s this sort of hopium that is killing the next generation.


If we do, who would be in that team who has been born after September 2000 (to beat Harvey’s record for being born post-flag)?

But still no-one on the list was born after 2004 to set a new EFC record (for being born post-final).


Your words are inflicting the generation of non believers , changing the time continuum to make them believe their is still hope this year, it will change everything for the future and they may never see a premiership thanks to your post.


Mossie is our youngest and he would have been a month old when we won our last flag.


The rate we are going with Mozzie by the end of the year he will be back in High School


He will be the one schooling people


No it was a joke that we set people back


So he will not break Harvey’s record even if these two improbable events happen (i.e. we win the flag this year and he plays in the GF team).


I don’t think Harvey will mind.


Bookies are criminals. We are a genuine 40-1 chance.


So when stats don’t support your argument they’re suddenly useless?

You don’t know what the aim of our preseason matches are, so stop pretending that you know that we havent achieved it

The team probably has nothing to prove in these games, except in the minds of those who are too impatient for the real thing


Conventional wisdom, as I understand it, is that teams use Jlt1 to experiment with some new players, like we looked at Jok, and Clarke for instance. But they try to make Jlt2 as close to the final squad as possible, playing close to “the way we want to play”
True, none of us sit in on meetings of the coaches to know what they hope to achieve and no one has actually ever described “the way we want to play” so yes, it is hard to evaluate JLT games.

Suffice it to say "we got what we needed out of the game(JLT1) " I assume we didn’t get what we “wanted”


Mick Jagger has hacked your account @chris_64


On a positive note, the E sports team is doing great


Sure, as long as Victor FBI Huang doesn’t tear his flexor pollicis brevis.


Something like this?


This for mine, it also concerned me that in an interview Rutten said something like ‘yeah i have a bias towards the richmond way’ but then at the blitz bbq the guys spoke to one of the assistants who i think mentioned something along the lines of ‘nuh we won’t be following the richmond or collingwood defensive model’.

If this is true does that indicate we will be going with no zoning between the arcs again? this would be a big mistake if so. Anyone that went to JLT 1 notice zoning between the arcs? Difficult to tell on tv, If not i’m unsure what they have been practicing all summer though and why they brought in rutten if he gets overruled on how to play team defence.

Hope to see this in JLT 2 or if not round 1, i doubt its something you would hold back till round 1 though because this type of system can take half a season to get to elite levels.


A huge opportunity for someone (?) to step and claim Hooker’s spot, who do you think it will be?