Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


No one.
Someone however will fill in for him.


tbf Hooker is not getting any younger might as well start looking for a replacement long term.


Is that Gleeson?


That’s what the magoos are for.


Think you might be on to something.


Gleeson… wearing the remnants of a Heppell wig.


Bl**dy hell I am so bored at work right now…


Not really a stretch, he hasn’t actually finished school yet.


What Reboot said


Oh ok I though he was finishing year 12, High School in Tas runs from 7-10


This is not what happened.
In the interview, Rutten proceeded to say that there will be a blend of styles, attempting to get the best of all systems - as you would expect intelligent people to do.

At the BBQ, exactly the same thing was said.

It would be good to note that if you have not really any idea of the facts, to mention it, so others won’t take it as something they should worry about.


Who is the fill in for Hooker? I don’t think its Gleeson.


The only defender with anywhere near Hookers contested marking power is Francis. Unfortunately he is 3 cm shorter, but can easily overcome that with his leap.


Me either considering he is not even fully training yet.


Does that mean it’s fortunate, then?


So Nackers said this re. the meeting with harding:
When asked about the impact of Ben Rutten he said it was great to have input from different clubs and Rutten was doing a great job particular with the key position players and team defense. We’re not trying to copy Richmond or Collingwood or West Coast but rather integrate what the other coaches have learnt from other teams and work in a game style towards our individual strengths. The most interesting information to hear from people arriving from other clubs was who and what they were most worried about and what they planned to negate e.g. Saad and McKenna’s run off half back.

These 3 teams along with hawthorn have the best rolling zones in the comp. You might be best to say being a regular training watcher, have you seen any of this being practiced over the summer? I don;t remember any training reports mentioning it, but you would think if this is going to be part of the game plan it would need to be practiced extensively out on the ovals and not just indoors.
I’m just a massive advocate of the rolling zone, I was pumped to see it with ruttens introduction as i thought that was one of the main reasons that we brought him in and i thought it would really influence our chances this year if we can perfect it. The words that we weren’t going to be emulating any of those 3 teams that make it a point to be elite at rolling zones rang alarm bells. You’re right, its not unequivocally saying we won’t, will hope for the best though.


I do think our gameplan is reasonably similar to WCE actually.
Different mix of players (ie we never play 2 rucks) but there’s a lot that’s done in roughly the same way.


And the impression I got was that Rutten was involved mainly w/ individual defensive skills and positioning.

Rob Harding still covers the overall gameplan.

Obviously both sucked in JLT1… and it took us months to properly bed down the zone last year.
So there’s a fair question there.


So Pop Kelly has spoken. Reckons we will be a fair bit more serious this week.

Im prepared to go jump back into the lid off thread.

Later Gloomers!


Wait for me!


See you back here late thursday night.