Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


Not just Hooker who isn’t getting any younger either.


Seen enough. I know the ending to this story.






Do we have another practice March before round 1?




I don’t know if it’s PTSD from our start last year, but our JLT performances have left me very anxious.

Not exactly looking forward to round 1 at the moment.


So how many of you microwaved your member cards 2 nite? Or havent you received them yet?


The membership department is about as disfunctional and inept as our team currently.
And just like the players they promise heaps but have failed to deliver yet


I reckon we are good enough. Talent wise, there is no arguing. FMD there is 7 all Australians in our starting 18

I’m worried about our coaching. You should see some improvement. We legit look worse than last year, in all aspects


This annoys me the most happens every year.


what did they promise?


You just get so annoyed when other teams appear to have a well oiled machine on the ground, aka a team defence structure. Where is ours?


I’m not sure if I’m just thinking it’s just JLT games and have faith in the “structures” or I’m just too apathetic about the upcoming season.

Meh, can’t be bothered working it out


It’s been a great pre-season for Lid-oners with plenty of opportunity to polish skills in delivering harsh, pessamistic comments.
Cherry ripe for the season proper!


You are not keeping up here.
They promised heaps.


My membership is currently on the fridge, which is very close to the microwave.
Confidence is barren.
We’re merely good names on magnets on a whiteboard.
General play should be better, inside 50’s are embarrassing, skills are diabolical, gameplan to get out of defensive 50 is horrendous.


At least the club has managed to deliver your membership, still waiting for mine… can’t cut it up even if I wanted to.


I’m not pessimistic, but no reason for optimism on what we’ve dished up to date. Looks like another slow start leading up to just missing finals…again


Anyone got a number for a good chicken manure distributor?

Must be able to deliver in bulk